Zimmatic 9520 pivoting lateral is cost effective

The Zimmatic 9520 pivoting lateral has a maximum length of 450m (1485ft)

The recently released Zimmatic 9520 combines the advantages of a pivot and lateral system.

It can easily handle offset and adjacent paddocks with its pivoting function.

For many growers the Zimmatic 9520 pivoting lateral will be a cost-effective solution to irrigate more land due to its tremendous flexibility.

This hose fed model will be offered in a maximum length of 450m (1485ft).

The span diameter is 141, 168, 219.1mm (5 9/16, 6 5/8, 8 5/8-inch), with GPS or furrow guidance.

The Zimmatic 9520 offers the advantage of adding GPS technology to ensure accuracy and this also allows it to save time as it requires less maintenance than a furrow-guided model.

Large-scale growers of high-value crops that have to work across irregular-shaped paddocks will be interested in the Zimmatic 9520. It can replace a structure where multiple centre pivot and lateral-move systems had to be deployed to cover all of the ground, the Zimmatic 9520 would IRRIGATIONin that instance be a more cost-effective solution.

The Zimmatic 9520PL will also allow growers to open up new irrigation land that was previously too difficult to irrigate with standard models.

Along with the the Zimmatic 9520PL is the release of Next Gen Zimmatic Controllers.

This combination hardware and software gives grower the most effective and customised control to irrigate in difficult areas.

There are three controller models to choose from with varying degrees of precision.

All the controllers are equipped with these standard features: FieldNET remote monitor and control compatibility, a pivot start/stop, water and chemigation on/off, speed, application amount and circle time, pressure, voltage, auto-restart (power and pressure).

In addition, there is smart barrier actions and alignment, surge fault detection, digital hour meters for each function, a history log, diagnostics, USB software updates, over-the-air software updates via FieldNET and a mobile app for offline configuration and programming.

The Zimmatic controllers are seen as simple to use and can provide easy adjustments to water levels as weather conditions and soil moisture changes

The 500C from the next generation is a standard panel, while the 700C and 712C offer more advanced industry leading technology.

With the launch the next generation Zimmatic controllers it gives the pivoting lateral the most current technology as it offers growers greater irrigation control that will result in saving water resources.

Another advantage of adopting a Zimmatic controller is the assurance a making remote monitoring and control more accessible.

The Zimmatic controllers are seen as simple to use and can provide easy adjustments to water levels as weather conditions and soil moisture changes.

These controllers with smart barrier automation are able to provide a simple method for irrigating part circles.

Smart barrier automation enables the pivot to automatically reverse, return and stop at the starting point.

The advanced plan function makes it easy for growers to create customised irrigation programs for each paddock.

Growers will find a further useful function with smart alignment providing real-time visual feedback when confirming machine alignment and over-the-air serviceability.

The Zimmatic controllers are also well placed to allow software and firmware updates of any further upgrades.

Contact the local distributor Lindsay International (ANZ) on tel: 07 4613 5000 for your nearest dealer.


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