Kuhn Profile 24-2 DL mixer wagon delivers quality at a lower cost

KUHN’s Profile 24-2 DL mixer wagon offers a major step up for high-quality silage producers due to the speed and efficiency of its feed delivery system. Available here for the first time the 24-2 DL mixer wagon offers a capacity of 24cu.m is able to produce high-quality silage, offering the most crucial component of an […]

SDLG LG959 wheel loader a match for Queensland heatwave

Much of eastern Australia has just sweated through an exceptionally warm and dry summer but in south-west Queensland farmers are still talking about February 2017 when the mercury topped 47C. And so too is Chinese manufacturer SDLG. The company is claiming an unqualified victory for its LG959 wheel loader at a cattle station in the […]

Depth Charge deep ripper win fans in WA’s Wheatbelt

The Depth Charger deep ripper from West Australian company Rocks Gone has seen grain growers lining up to place an order at recent live demonstrations. After a hearty reception in the far west, the firm is now heading to South Australia with the hydraulic roller-integrated unit, the latest invention by founder Tim Pannell. The Depth […]