SDLG LG959 wheel loader a match for Queensland heatwave

SDLG is gaining plenty of buyers from farms across Australia with its LG959 wheel loader capable of bucket capacities from 2.0 to 4.5cu.m with a rated load of 5000kg. The maximum dumping height is a handy 3210mm (10.5ft)

Much of eastern Australia has just sweated through an exceptionally warm and dry summer but in south-west Queensland farmers are still talking about February 2017 when the mercury topped 47C.

And so too is Chinese manufacturer SDLG. The company is claiming an unqualified victory for its LG959 wheel loader at a cattle station in the region during last year’s record-breaking heatwave conditions.

Many local businesses were feeling the strain but at Dagworth Grazing, 60km north of Georgetown Qld, the loader kept delivering the goods.

The LG959 was bought to replace a 10-year-old SDLG Ranger 950-2, and according to owner, Ian Tincknell, the LG959 has delivered improved performance.

Mr Tincknell says he is very impressed with SDLG’s technological updates.

“The engine-cooling system has worked extremely well and handled our 40-deg temperatures,” he said. “To date, we have had no problems either with hydraulic hoses or any other major components such as transmissions, torque converters, differentials, and hydraulic pumps.”

At Dagworth the LG959 is essential equipment for making new roads, maintaining existing ones and erecting fence lines around the station’s 97,000ha’s (240,000-ac) holding.

It is also used for desilting dams and is regularly configured with a stick rake to sift soil and rocks and remove unwanted shrubbery and overgrowth.

Weighing close to 17-tonnes, the LG959 packs a good punch with a maximum breakout force of 175kN. Power comes from a Deutz D7E Tier II engine up to 162kW (217hp).

Dagworth Grazing’s SDLG LG959 wheel loader powered though the demanding tasks handed to it around the cattle station, even in extreme heat with the Deutz D7E Tier II engine offering up to 162kW (217hp) of power

Equipped with a ZF axis-fixed electro-hydraulic transmission gives it reliable performance along with a ZF wet brake drive axle for more than adequate braking operations.

It offers a bucket capacity from 2.0 to 4.5cu.m, with a rated load of 5000kg. The maximum dumping height is 3210mm (10.5ft).

The three-stage shock absorption system helps to reduce the noise in the cab and improves overall operator comfort.

The affordable price had undeniable appeal when the purchase was made two years ago, but now the station is impressed with the unit’s all-round value, having proven itself there and on other properties – sometimes around the clock.

The LG959 loader appears on course to match the performance of its predecessor that clocked an estimated hours 4,000 of work.

Dagworth Grazing bought the LG959 from CJD Equipment, SDLG’s exclusive dealer for Australia.

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