SDLG LG946L wheel loader was an easy first choice for busy farming family

With a vibrant cropping program as well as cattle and sheep to look after across several land holdings it came down to choosing a SDLG wheel loader for its value and reliability When it came time to update a wheel loader for feeding out hay and handling other jobbing work on the Watts family’s Pingelly […]

Hendra virus variant confirmed in flying foxes in some regions

Scientists at CSIRO have uncovered a new type of Hendra virus in flying foxes, confirming the virus can be found in many parts of the country A paper detailing the findings has been published just days after the new genetic type (HeV-g2) was detected in a horse near Newcastle in New South Wales, the most […]

Groundwater is set to play a bigger part in irrigation

But first we have to address a growing shortage of qualified groundwater scientists and engineers Our future growth is closely aligned to good resources management, and water is top of the list. The demand is rising, with the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT) reporting a recent spike in organisations reporting difficulties in […]

Nokian TR Forest 2 tyres offer stability for light and medium weight forestry tractors

It’s a tough tyre for tough conditions and has now been updated for forestry work with optimised edges, traction boosters and flow guides Nothing puts tractor tyres to the test more than forestry work. The demanding terrain calls for a tough cut and crack resistance, working stability and puncture protection. The Nokian TR Forest 2 tractor tyre […]