Nokian TR Forest 2 tyres offer stability for light and medium weight forestry tractors

It’s a tough tyre for tough conditions and has now been updated for forestry work with optimised edges, traction boosters and flow guides

Operators working light and medium tractors in heavy forestry conditions now have more protection from unpleasant punctures with the release of Nokian’s TR Forestry 2 tyre range

Nothing puts tractor tyres to the test more than forestry work. The demanding terrain calls for a tough cut and crack resistance, working stability and puncture protection.

The Nokian TR Forest 2 tractor tyre combines decades of forestry experience and blends it with the latest tyre technology. In addition, this tyre range offering excellent value for light and medium-weight tractors working in forestry and landscaping.

“In many countries, forestry tractors have a significant role in forwarding and forest ground maintenance work”, says Teemu Vainionpää, product manager at Nokian Tyres.

“The new Nokian TR Forest 2 tyre is designed to work in the challenging terrain, helping users to get the most out of their machinery.”

Building on a tradition of excellence

The legacy of Nokian TR Forest tyres goes back a long time. “It has offered trouble-free performance in though application demands”, says Teemu Vainionpää.

“People are really relying on it, and they have trust that it doesn’t let them down in the rocky terrain with tree stumps and branches.”

The Nokian TR Forest 2 tractor tyre builds on this proven functionality, adding current styling and design. “The tread pattern has been updated with optimised edges, traction boosters and flow guides,” notes Teemu Vainionpää, “and if I may add, it looks a lot cooler”, he says grinning.

Puncture resistant for trouble-free work

One of the main focus areas in developing the Nokian TR Forest 2 tractor tyre has been its cut and crack resistance and puncture protection.

“The thick layer of rubber compound made for forestry use offers a good protection”, says Vainionpää. “There is also a special shoulder armour design that protects the shoulder area from damage.”

Another stand-out feature is the outstanding strength of the modern bias structure tyre carcass that incorporates puncture-resisting reinforcements under the tread.

Combined, these functions make the overall tyre construction very strong for high-class puncture resistance.

 “For effective puncture resistance, the key is to have all the components in tyre construction working together,” Teemu Vainionpää says. “Rather than just a single protective element, the puncture resistance is a result of tyre’s protection level and its ability to take hits from outer obstacles.”

Stable and versatile

Tyre stability is a required function making work more accurate, comfortable and safer. “The bias structure of the Nokian TR Forest 2 tractor tyre has excellent shock and swing absorbing characteristics,” says Vainionpää. “This results in steady performance in several different types of tractor work.”

Versatile use of tractors is essential in forestry work. From wood forwarding to crushing, form light mulching to maintenance of forest terrain – reliable tyres help the tractor perform its best.

“Our expertise in forestry tyres, combined with the modern bias technology and materials, has taken our products to the next level,” Vainionpää sums it up. “We have listened to the operator feedback and added more useful functions to an already classic tyre, improving its value further. And that’s no mean feat.”

Sizes and availability

The Nokian TR Forest 2 tractor tyre will be available in a comprehensive range of 12 sizes and will be released from November 2021, through until February 2022. See more on this link.

November 2021

  • 460/85-34 (18,4-34)           
  • 380/85-24 (14,9-24)
  • 420/85-34 (16,9-34)           
  • 340/85-24 (13,6-24)           
  • 320/85-24 (12,4-24)

December 2021

  • 340/85-28 (13,6-28)          
  • 420/85-30 (16,9-30)          
  • 520/85-38 (20,8-38)          
  • 460/85-38 (18,4-38)          
  • 420/85-28 (16,9-28)          
  • 380/85-28 (14,9-28)          

February 2022

  • 420/85-38 (16.9-38)