Cervus Equipment sold to Canadian company Brandt with great expectations

The company that grew by buying everything in its path has itself been taken over in a private equity deal that makes it the biggest John Deere dealer in the world Canadian equipment supplier Cervus Equipment, with ten dealerships across Victoria, is the subject of a takeover by fellow Canadian company Brandt Tractor, part of […]

Yanmar YV01 autonomous robot the most effective sprayer down the vines

The savings are enormous as the YV01 autonomous robot can run without an onboard operator for the most effective vine spraying possible Yanmar is on the lips of every wine grower following the release of its vineyard robot that is affordable for all wine growing operations regardless of sizes as they simply have to switch […]

Feral Pig Action Plan sets out actions to improve management and reduce impacts

A national and coordinated approach to feral pig management has just been released following the endorsement of the National Feral Pig Action Plan. The plan is expected to guide and support all land managers to deliver best practice management of feral pigs. This is the first national strategy that has been developed to address the […]

Satellite images reveal a cost effective and quick way to find groundwater

In the driest state in the driest continent a way has been found to find scarce water resources that are sitting in previous unknown crevices across South Australia Now, thanks to UniSA researcher Dr Alaa Ahmed, a cost-effective technology can pinpoint sites in the central Flinders Ranges where precious groundwater is likely to be found, […]