Yanmar YV01 autonomous robot the most effective sprayer down the vines

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The savings are enormous as the YV01 autonomous robot can run without an onboard operator for the most effective vine spraying possible

Vineyards worldwide will adopt the Yanmar YV01 robot for all their spraying operations as no other system will be as effective moving forward

Yanmar is on the lips of every wine grower following the release of its vineyard robot that is affordable for all wine growing operations regardless of sizes as they simply have to switch their spraying operation over to a YV01 model.

Yanmar has simply covered everything with the release of its YV01 vineyard spray as it offers unparallel safety operation, cannot be beaten for productivity time savings and the subsequent cost reductions that follow.

With the most effective spraying coverage on offer the YV01 reduces the work force and time it will take to run this autonomous spraying robot along the vines and will transform the way vineyards operate.

Due to its light weight and compact dimensions, YV01 can climb and descend slopes of up to 45% and has shown it won’t compress soils, in any weather conditions. In addition, this unit is lightweight and as a result can be easily transportable on a UTE, small truck or trailer, and be armed with a high payload of spraying fluids that allow sit to jump into action as soon as its reached the job location.

Armed with an advanced spraying system and running along each vine row , the YV01 can ensure leaves are precisely sprayed with the exact amount of droplets and this leads to enormous saving on product fluids.

Not one leaf will be missed with the Yanmar YV01 robot sprayer as it staddles its way down the vine rows

“YV01 offers cutting-edge autonomous technology and is flexible, lightweight and environmentally friendly as it ensures highly accurate spraying on vines,” said Yanmar Europe President Peter Aarsen. “It can be safely and simply controlled by a nearby operator and it is ideally suited for vineyards that have narrow pathways and where the vines are not tall.

“While especially suitable for small vines, the YV01 is also a perfect supplement to larger machinery that may be used on the bigger wine producing establishments.”

“Through a combination of cost-savings, increased productivity and escalated workplace safety, YV01 can transform vineyard operations for both small and large-scale growers by easing workloads and reducing costs.”

There is a lot of work ahead as the Yanmar YV01 robot sprayer sets out to spray along every vine but it doesn’t take long for the unmanned sprayer to cover every single leaf thoroughly

Yanmar’s electrostatic spraying mechanism accurately and precisely sprays plants producing healthier and cleaner vines. The process produces a fine stream of electrically charged spray droplets which are attracted to the plant leaves so that all surfaces, even hidden ones, are treated and excess spray is reduced to a minimum.

Powered by a petrol engine capable of extended use in operation, the YV01 has entered a testing and evaluation phase with an announcement about the start of ordering expected during 2022.

Take a closer look – the Yanmar YV01 unmanned sprayer is built to quality Yanmar specifications

Yanmar YV01 autonomous robot sprayer specs

TypeYV01PerformanceAutonomous operation
Weight1 tonFuelPetrol
EngineHonda IGX 800, air-cooledPower20kW / 27hp
Cylinders4Fuel tank19-litres
Speed4kphSpray tank200- litres
SlopeUp to 45%Lateral slopenUp to 19%

Watch the Yanmar YV01 in operation on this video link.