Call for a strong policy to save ag from billions in bushfire costs

A report from researchers at the University of Sydney and WWF Australia confirms what farmers already knew: the Black Summer bushfires inflicted huge damage on Australia’s agriculture sector. The Fire on the Farm report estimates agriculture lost between $4 billion and $5 billion due to the fires, which came at the tail end of a […]

Riverland Field Days is claimed as country’s biggest for horticulture

All growers should make their way to the Riverland field days in 2022 to see the best on offer for all segments of the quickly expanding horticultural industry The premier event in South Australia’s Riverland region, the Riverland Field Days, makes its welcome return to its dedicated Riverlands Events Centre site on Friday and Saturday […]

Computer generated bushfire uses virtual reality to study responses

Virtual reality experiment shows most people living in high-risk fire zones are “woefully unprepared” Allowing people to “safely” experience a raging bushfire from a 3D headset has exposed some harsh truths about Australians living in high-risk fire zones: most are woefully unprepared. By replicating a computer-generated bushfire using virtual reality, University of South Australia researchers […]