AgSmart is about to be launched for the first time and it’s an event you cannot afford to miss

Agtech solutions for farmers across regional Australia will be presented at the very first AgSmart event to be staged from 9 and 10 March 2022

AgSmart Drone
AgSmart is the place to be seen and is expected to attract all current and budding agtech providers and participants on 9 and 10 March 2022

National agricultural field day organisers ACM Rural Events have created an exciting technical event that has the potential to save farmers’ millions in unnecessary man-hours and wasted product.

To be launched in March 2022, AgSmart will welcome many farmers to the enormous savings that can be made by adopting more technical solutions to old problems that previously drained away many labour intensive hours.

AgSmart is the nation’s biggest tilt at presenting an agtech exposition that will showcase the innovations that have been released around the world to make farming more profitable.

You will also get to see where those huge government grants into education, research, and developments in Australian agriculture has ended up as well.

With the march towards 10 billion people by 2030, it is only through extended food growth that the world’s population will be able to continue, and it has been determined the best way to keep the cost of food and fibre production down, is through an expanded agtech sector.

Agtech solutions are available already, and once applied will change the face of farming.

ACM Rural Events group manager, Kate Nugent said the in-person event is designed to be the

first with a commercial focus on agtech, staged in regional Australia.

“It will provide insights into the future of Australian farming,” Kate added.

The AgSmart event will be held in Tamworth NSW, in an indoor and outdoor venue – where people on the land can come to see the latest developments from agtech start-up companies and national companies.

“Our commercial philosophy has gained affirmation and excitement from the burgeoning

agtech industry as it seeks an opportunity to display, demonstrate, influence, and

inform Australian farmers,” Kate Nugent said.

“Adopting new agtech inventions and innovations will increase agricultural productivity and

profitability and ensure the industry can produce, supply, and store food and fibre sustainably.”

AgSmart will be supporting the nation’s agtech ambition to be a leading source of solutions and technological manufacturing globally.

Ehibitors at the event will present a diverse range of ideas and technology, some showcased for the first time and will include artificial intelligence in farming, robotics, big data, Internet of Things technology, on-farm connectivity, smart farm machinery and equipment, precision and vertical farming, start-ups, regulation and compliance, supply chains, and export.

And while some of this terminology will appear foreign at first, for farming into the future these processes and names will begin to make perfect sense.

AgSmart will be staged on 9 and 10 March at the Tamworth Regional and Entertainment Conference Centre in Tamworth. Admission tickets will go on sale in January 2022, online at:

“Australian agriculture is on the move and the AgSmart Expo will place a spotlight on a

ground-breaking, more cost-efficient, and more effective farming practices that are more

responsive to change, and ultimately more profitable,” Kate Nugent concluded.

For any company that considers they offer an agtech solution, they need to exhibit to advance their idea to the industry and farmers’ nationwide.

AgSmart is the place to be seen, for relevant information about a site booking contact the organisers, ACM Rural Events, on 02 6768 5800 or email

More information is also available at the AgSmart website at:

For any farmer expecting to still be farming in ten years’ time, this event is a must as it will get you onto early disrupters that will allow families to continue farming through technology.

And in doing so, avoid running a huge workforce, get your tickets as early as possible at this link