A new approach to the ag industry

There is no shortage of challenges to overcome to be successful in the Australian agricultural industry. The economic climate, as well as the uncertainties of climate change, can make it a rocky road to business success.  No matter though what sector of the industry you operate in, your staff are the backbone of your business and their efficiency and effectiveness can make or break you.

Teamscape is an Australian company that brings something new to the area of organisational and team development in the agricultural industry.

Teamscape’s proprietary n·2 programs™ are unique, innovative and refreshingly different development programs based on the highly successful Crew Resource Management (CRM) philosophy utilised worldwide by airline pilots. CRM focuses on the development of non-technical ‘people’ skills including communication, decision-making and teamwork. Teamscape combines these principles with the best-practice organisational and team development principles from the business world to deliver programs that aim to get your people and your organisation performing at their best.

Teamscape Director David Mills says “Every organisation has a limited budget for development programs, particularly in challenging economic times.  Our programs are designed to quickly maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of all employees, from management through to front-line staff.  Our support mechanisms efficiently embed our programs allowing organisations to rapidly gain the maximum value from their training dollars.”

Teamscape’s development programs can be found at their website at www.teamscape.com.au