Alfagomma Australia

Alfagomma is a global manufacturer of industrial and hydraulic hose and fittings with the knowledge and expertise spanning over 50 years. Alfagomma Australia Pty Ltd is regarded as the leading force in the industrial and hydraulic hose and fittings market, with 8 strategically placed sales distribution and hose assembly branch’s Australia wide.

Alfagomma Australia has been servicing the Australian agriculture industry since 1991. Their dedication to quality and understanding the needs and conditions of the Australian agriculture market have ensured their continual growth and success.

They have built a reputation on quality products designed to handle the extreme environmental and operational conditions associated within the Australian Agriculture industry.  Their specifically designed rubber air seeder hose has been developed to have a weather, oil and heat resistant outer cover as well as high tensile reinforcing.
This reinforcing provides a greater resistance to kinking during use while still providing an excellent bend radius to allow for a clean uninterrupted flow.  The long life micro smooth inner tube has extremely high abrasion resistant properties allowing for greater use without the need for regular replacement.

In this industry like every other they place a high degree of importance on customer satisfaction. These key features of their new air seeder line have been received with wide success, with customers delighted at the functionality and quality of the product and continuing to conduct repeat business with them.

The Alfagomma air seeder hose is backed up by the guarantee to last longer than any of the conventional competitor’s air seeder hoses. Alfagomma’s rubber air seeder hose is the advanced technology high performance solution for every farmer’s sowing needs.

For further information on Alfagomma our agriculture line or any of their other products please visit or email the customer service representatives at