Bogballe M-Line spreaders offer up to 6000kg product capacities with continued spreader innovation

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Bogballe ensures increased efficiency and accuracy for tractors without ISOBUS by adding a Totz controller to its latest lines of mounted fertiliser spreaders
Bogballe M-Line spreaders
The Bogballe M45W has a 4500kg capacity and its flexible outlet provides application rates up to 650kg/minute

With its efforts concentrated exclusively on fertiliser spreaders, Bogballe is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and is consistently innovating better techniques for getting the job done.

One such innovation is the Calibrator Totz, a new controller with a touch panel that uses direct option keys. The design of the Calibrator Totz provides an easy-to-use logical and intuitive interface and can be employed even when a tractor does not have ISOBUS capabilities.

The two main ranges of Bogballe spreaders are the high volume M-Line Series and the mid-sized L-Line Series.

The latest Bogballe M-Line spreaders are packed with functions designed to meet the needs of larger farms and contractors. They provide higher capacities, greater efficiency and more GPS technology to make spreading easier.

Bogballe has considered every detail when it designed the M-Line spreaders. They have an attractive look with LED lights integrated into the reflector board and lots of other smart features.

The three models in the range are the M35W, M45W and M60W, with carry capacities of 3500, 4500 and 6000kg respectively.

A range of expandable sides is available so that all models can be sized up to suit the requirements of a farming or contracting business.

For M-Line spreaders Bogballe has designed a flexible outlet that provides application rates up to 650kg/min. They can also work a micro outlet that can spread seeds from 3kg/ha.

Changing between different settings has now also been made easier with a specially designed tool that rotates the flow-outlet above each spinner.

The outlet controls the exact rate in conjunction with the fully automated weighing technique and the double shutter on each side of the hopper. The shutters open asymmetrically to ensure that the drop point stays correct regardless of the forward speed and application rate setting.

Bogballe Calibrator Totz controller
The Calibrator Totz controller provides a touch panel that uses direct option keys and can be used when a tractor does not have ISOBUS capabilities

Bogballe L-Line models offer carrying capacities of 500 to 2050 litres. Like the M-Line, L-Line spreaders are designed to deliver reliability and accuracy.

With their advanced features, Bogballe spreaders can help reduce excess nitrogen application on paddocks and into waterways.

Firstly, all Bogballe spreaders are fitted with a simple border control mechanism. When activated, it changes the spread pattern to place the fertiliser only up to the border.

Secondly, Bogballe electronic controllers have section control and GPS compatibility that can be integrated with most GPS systems.

With GPS guidance, the spreader can control the placement of the fertiliser by adjusting the application rate or shutting the spreader off automatically when driving over previously spread areas. It also provides automatic off/on when driving into and out of headlands.

These controllers also help monitor and measure the amount of fertiliser spread in the paddock with proof of placement.

Thirdly, weigh scales continuously measure the actual fertiliser in the hopper and adjust the flow rate in relation to any changes in ground speed or the flow of the fertiliser in order to maintain the target quantity (kg/ha).

This system provides more accuracy, and it is easier to operate because the spreader is fully automatic, which includes calibration.

Lastly, Bogballe spreaders use the ‘in-centre’ spreading principle, whereby the spreading discs turn into the centre. With this system, each disc spreads fertiliser a full 180 degrees and the spread patterns overlap each other to create a double overlap in one pass.

The result is in a highly accurate and precise spreading pattern while reducing environmental impacts and saving on product use.

Bogballe spreaders are distributed by Techgrow. For more information call on tel: 08 8842 1384.

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