Case IH launch massive television blitz all about nothing

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Case IH marketers have taken a leaf out of the popular sitcom Seinfeld, a show that made it big on every corner of the globe by having storylines that featured… well simply nothing

Anika Molesworth has the starring role of narrator in Case IH’s advert campaign about nothing to sell and is well supported by a cast of local farmers

When you have all your models sold out for the foreseeable future, where would the brilliant marketing mind take you next, for Case IH to a massive television campaign that tells you… nothing.

The advert clips are very well made and you can see where a giant chunk of the campaign funds have gone into a production almost matching “Gone with the wind” and dare we say, just as tedious.

Of course there is a marketing strategy behind this mind goggling TV spend that mere mortals simply won’t get, but that is the genius of it all.

The voice of the campaign is Anika Molesworth, now you may have never heard of Anika before, but Anika is a prominent Australian farmer and agroecology scientist, who is a passionate advocate on the issues of food security, nature conservation, climate change and rural community development.

“We need no thanks, rewards or dues, we love this land, it’s what we do”, says Anika as she introduces the Case IH brand campaign, based on the mantra of – ‘It’s what we do’.

It’s the first such campaign Anika has been involved in, but Case IH’s message that puts farmers and the vital role they play, the challenges they’re often forced to overcome was at the centre of the campaign, that’s what resonated with Anika.

“Living and working in rural Australia is a true privilege, and I feel so lucky to call this place home,” Anika said.

“There’s not a day that the landscape doesn’t captivate me with its vast wonder, there’s not a day that I don’t feel honoured to work alongside farmers who produce food and fibre for our country, and beyond.

“Each day we rise to our challenges, are grateful for our opportunities, and strive to make tomorrow the best it possibly can be,” Anika said.

Agency Leo Burnett & Flint Productions put everything together for Case IH and enlisted farmers in the series of adverts, shot predominantly in and around Moree NSW, on a number of family grain properties, and in the Gympie district of Queensland, capturing lucerne hay, dairy and fruit farming.

The Beale family’s lucerne farm at Kybong near Gympie was one of the locations, and dairy farmer John Loughlin from Kenilworth is also featured in the campaign.

In the Moree district, long-time Case IH customers Gavin Bartel, Stuart Tighe, and the Adam’s family welcomed camera crews for the shoot, which showcases the range of Case IH machinery from small Farmall’s to giant Steiger tractors.

Third generation farmer Will Bartel, who appears in the advertisement with his dad and grandfather, said being part of the Case IH campaign was a special experience.

“I love farming and the first machine I ever got to drive was a Case IH tractor but being able to join my dad and pop in a campaign that cares about what we do, it’s pretty unreal,” he said.

“Working the land is hard work but it gives me a purpose and seeing the results at harvest is so satisfying because I know I’m playing an important role in feeding thousands of people while supporting local families and businesses in Moree.”

Case IH ANZ General Manager Pete McCann said “This is the first Brand campaign we’ve embarked on in a number of years, but it felt like the right time after much of the country has started to recover from the challenging few years many of our farmers have had to manage.”

“Case IH is committed to developing the products farmers need to keep their businesses as efficient and profitable as they can be, and we stand with our customers and their communities through the good times, and the bad.

“We understand these communities, we live in these communities and we’re proud to work with them for the benefit of their businesses and the wider agriculture industry – it’s what we do, and what they do.

“This is a critical message for us and we wanted our customers front and centre in this campaign.” Pete McCann concluded.

Take a look at possibly the longest production ever made for selling nothing but entitled to plenty of applause for the notable cast of local farmers. See the advert campaign clip above.