Crusader Hose is now the premium supplier of irrigation hose

Currently the most sought after irrigation hose is made by local manufacturer Crusader Hose and is readily available through dealers

Buyers get a lot more service back-up than they would expect from dealing with a leading local manufacturer offering dedicated support to the agriculture and irrigation industries for over 35 years

Australian manufacturer Crusader Hose has a long history of supplying layflat hose to irrigation hose dealers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The supportive relationship between Crusader Hose and dealers has always been a priority, which is nurtured through excellent communication and reliable product delivery.

Crusader Hose has been manufacturing layflat hose for over 35 years and has earned respect and recognition for being a company dedicated to supporting the agricultural and irrigation industries.

There are three main lines to consider, Flexidrag® the premium drag hose, Flexibore® the flexible rising main, and the new Flexiline™ a robust high-pressure hose, have been designed to assist the farmer in getting vital water to where it’s needed most.

Give your submersible pump every chance to perform at its utmost by installing the proven Flexibore flexible rising range from Crusader Hose

Suppliers, who share the same vision in supporting farmers and irrigation projects with reliable Australian-made products, deal with Crusader Hose.

Crusader Hose has a country-wide distribution network of irrigation hose suppliers; however, simply manufacturing premium products was not enough to get people on-side.

Top companies have aligned themselves with Crusader Hose because of the ease of dealing with a local manufacturer who delivers results. Their layflat hose is currently supplied through the major irrigation suppliers such as, Think Water, Irrigear and Nutrien Ag Solutions, and many other leading retailers in regional towns.  

Most recently, a survey of resellers revealed that they feel strong relationships with suppliers were very important. Customer service rated by 95% of responders was a  4.5 average out of five, with 61% giving Crusader Hose top marks.

While 95% indicated that stock availability and short lead times were vital to their business and that 97% felt that products manufactured by Crusader Hose are better or as good as the top imports.

These performance and quality indicators are even more important to dealers today due to the impact Covid has had on imports and distribution. Farmers often cannot wait weeks or months for critical equipment to arrive, impacting their productivity and profitability.

Good planning and forecasting are critical in keeping popular products’ stock volumes at reasonable levels. Dealers are supported with prompt delivery once an order is received and stock is available.

Everything is running flat-out at Crusader Hose with orders being loaded onto trucks for quick delivery to many growing regions across the country

“All hose is rapidly despatched from our factory in Melbourne,” says Francois Steverlynck, Managing Director of Crusader Hose, “and we welcome the opportunity to engage with more dealers.”

Get more details on this Aussie made hose range for local farmers, and to locate a dealer near you, contact Crusader Hose on 03 9720 1100, email or see the full range at: