Cyclone Silos engineered to last

Cyclone Silos
The Cyclone range delivers storage capacities from 40 to 5000 tonnes

On farm grain storage is an important strategy for all grain farmers.

The decision to deliver at harvest, or store and sell when the market is best can make a significant difference to a farm’s bottom line.

But maximising the value when ready to sell is particularly dependent on the quality of the grain in your silo.

Maintaining stored grain quality relies on the farmer’s ability to control moisture, temperature & insects.

For silo storage good aeration and fumigation work hand-in-hand to keep these factors in check.

An aeration solution with a design and a control system matched to the silo will deliver the air flow required to keep grain cool, dry and free from insect infestation.

Should fumigation be required, a gas-tight silo is a must as most fumigants will only work effectively when gas concentrations are maintained over an extended period.

Cyclone range

Cyclone’s wide range of on-ground and elevated silos are manufactured in Australia and erected by experienced local installers in all states.

Cyclone’s Bulk Storage Manager, Andrew Fisher, regularly spruiks the advantages that locally sourced materials and knowledge has over other providers – “We have over 45 years of accumulated expertise in the design, manufacture and construction of silos in Australia.

“We partner with experienced local installers that erect each silo and ensure an independent structural certification is obtained.

“The combined strength of Cyclone and our partners means we can offer comprehensive advice, as well as the complete design and installation of silo-based grain storage systems for one or many silos.

These systems include storage, loading and unloading, weigh bridges, aeration, monitoring and control systems.”

Constant improvement

Cyclone Silos 1975
Cyclone on-ground and elevated silos installed at the company’s inception in 1975

Cyclone’s designs have come a long way since 1975.

The design team has made significant improvements in structural integrity and sealability such as sealable access ports, ground opening lids, structural door frames, inner and outer access door seals, full ring structural eave plates and many more design updates.

These are all built around the silos’ existing 25-year design life. Many of these updates make the silo seal more reliable when pressure testing to ensure it meets Australian Standard AS2628.

In addition to providing gas-tight silos that meet AS2628, the Cyclone design offers a class leading 1 in 200-year wind event design certification as standard.

Coming soon

Coming soon from the Cyclone design team will be easy roof access systems, updated vertical access systems and revised aeration designs with components built to deliver more airflow for lower running costs.

The team will also deliver Cyclone unloading augers and maintain our partnership with OPI systems to continue to bring world class grain monitoring and aeration control systems to Australian farmers.

When considering a new storage solution, return on investment is an important factor, says Andrew. “Calculating the cost per tonne stored per year can be pleasantly surprising and much lower than one would expect given the upfront capital cost of the project.”

When choosing one of the larger Cyclone offerings the cost could be as low as $5 per stored tonne per year over the design life of the silo.

Storage capacities

Cyclone’s largest silos have an 18m (60ft) diameter, are 20m tall and store close to 5000 tonnes of wheat

The Cyclone range delivers storage capacities from 40 to 5000 tonnes.

Elevated cone bottom silos are available in 3 cone angles: 37, 47 and 60 degrees to suit a wide range of grain types and in diameters of 12, 18, 21, 24, and 30ft with storage capacities from 40 to 783 tonnes.

For multiple orders of elevated silos the cone outlet height can be specified. 

The options for on ground storage extend from 24ft diameter 5.6m tall for 218 tonnes of wheat right up to 60ft diameter 20m tall for 4735 tonnes of wheat.

Cyclone remains the obvious Australian Made choice for a comprehensive solution to your grain storage requirements.

Contact Andrew Fisher on 0439 018 125 or the Cyclone Customer Service team on 1800 199 450 to discuss your grain storage requirements today.