Fendt finds it’s easy to be green


The new Fendt Nature Green is not a revolution, but rather an evolution because the Fendt green has been renewed several times in the history of this traditional company. Source: AFDJ eNews

As an example it occurred because the ingredients of the paint changed and the lead was removed, or because there was a switch to low solvent paint in the 1980s.

This time, Fendt changes its well-known Fendt green deliberately and visibly.

The original Fendt Green was a standardised RAL colour. It became famous as the basic colour for routers, drills and rotary saws from 1930 onwards.

Company founder Hermann Fendt deliberately chose this machine-green colour. At that time it stood for the precision, quality and reliability of German machine tools.

Today industrial machine tools are primarily found in light colours.

There are now no more visual references that connect the previous Fendt green with the qualities of the past.

To give the Fendt products a visual association with high-tech, the agricultural equipment manufacturer is now switching all of its machines to the new Fendt Nature Green.

The new Fendt Nature Green is made of the same colour pigments as the previous green.

A new mixture of the pigments however, creates a new impression.

The colour develops depth and dynamics through a larger yellow component, which creates a “rich lustre”.

It now radiates more warmth, naturalness and depth.

“The new Fendt Nature Green has evolved from the previous Fendt Green,” says Peter-Josef Paffen, Chairman of the AGCO/Fendt Management Board. “But it is now more powerful, brighter, livelier and more complex. For us, it is the freshest green in the agricultural equipment industry.”