World’s Best Tractor Collector

A man on a tractor is an iconic image that will be forever linked to modern agriculture. For farmer and avid collector Bill Shanley his love affair with the machines led to him being crowned the World’s Best Tractor Collector by National Geographic in 2014. Source: ABC Rural Mr Shanley said he caught the bug when he drove his […]

10 year compact tractor warranty

A 10 year compact tractor warranty, was launched at the Henty Machinery Field Days. This is a first for the farm machinery industry. Source: AFDJ eNews Wagga Wagga based company Hutcheon and Pearce used the field days to debut its new industry leading warranty for compact tractors and Series 5 John Deere tractors. Group marketing […]

Rain puts a damper on machinery purchases

Heavy rains across New South Wales have farmers reassessing possible machinery purchases despite their still expressing interest in new equipment. Source: ABC Rural Machinery dealers have noted that when the rain first came, around May, there were increased enquiries from farmers with crops in the ground. “The current climatic conditions have slowed a lot of things down,” Tim Slater, from machinery […]

Steaming ahead in historic tractors

Steam-engine tractors had a relatively short lifespan in terms of the length of time they were in use on American farms. But steam engines still live on in farm lore and in the hearts of many people who make their living off the land. Source: Billings Gazette First developed in 1868, steam tractors were most popular from 1885 […]

Mitas well float on water

Mitas high-horsepower tyres helped a Claas Axos 320 tractor weighing four tons to “walk on water”. Source: Tyre Press Thanks to careful calculation and Archimedes’ principle, the tractor successfully navigated the port and then returned to dry land without the captain getting his feet wet. Mitas, part of Trelleborg Group, and its partners carried out the unusual stunt in […]

You must test drive your tractor

When you’re buying a car, you probably take each car you are considering for a test drive, around the block or around town or even overnight. Buying a tractor is the same thing. Source: iBerkshire It is also a large investment that deserves your time and attention to detail. “That’s why one of the most important […]

Tractors and cars treated the same

The Supreme Court in the US won’t hear an appeal from John Deere and other farm equipment manufacturers seeking to overturn a New Hampshire law they say unfairly treats their products like cars and trucks. Source: Association Press The justices let stand a New Hampshire Supreme Court ruling that upheld the state’s Automobile Dealer Bill of Rights law. […]

Fendt finds it’s easy to be green

The new Fendt Nature Green is not a revolution, but rather an evolution because the Fendt green has been renewed several times in the history of this traditional company. Source: AFDJ eNews As an example it occurred because the ingredients of the paint changed and the lead was removed, or because there was a switch to low […]

Deere in tractor aftermarket

Not in the market for a new tractor? Deere & Co would like to sell you all the equipment to make your older one smart. Source: Bloomberg With slumping crop prices, the company is seeking to combat slowing sales by selling farmers bolt-on products – modems, navigation devices, sensors and software. In the process, it’s joined the race for […]

Claas ties itself in knots

CLAAS claims the new QUADRANT 5300 and 5200 – the replacement models for the popular QUADRANT 3300 and 3200 – are the fastest square balers on the market. Source: AFDJ eNews The QUADRANT 5300 produces 1.2 x 0.9 metre bales, while the 5200 produces 1.2 x 0.7 m bales. Product Manager – CLAAS Greenline, Luke […]