Flat Battery issues beaten with an ANBI switch

Everyone working the land can now avoid costly downtime caused by a flat battery by installing a simple but highly effective ANBI Battery Switch

The ANBI Battery Switch has been released for everyone working on the land, as it can ensure equipment is operational at all times.

Nothing’s more frustrating than a flat battery. But now you can avoid costly downtime and inconvenience, with an inexpensive and simple to install, ANBI Battery Switch.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to international automotive specifications and standards, the ANBI Switch is a robust Negative Battery Terminal Isolator.

It was born due to the need to stop batteries in new cars from going flat during transportation from manufacturing plants around the globe.

“For decades, automotive manufacturers were fighting a losing battle against batteries going flat in new vehicles as they were transported by sea,” said Theo Brown, designer and general manager of Digital Pulse Systems and the inventor of the ANBI Switch.

“Many were reporting losses of up to 30% of batteries in transit, resulting in massive costs to fit new batteries to vehicles on the docks before they could continue their journey to dealerships.”

Theo and his team of engineers decided to take the challenge head on and the result was the ANBI Switch.

“We invested heavily in research and development and after producing a series of prototypes, we developed a switch that is easy to install, simple to use, and preserves the battery,” said Theo.

Tested to international specifications and proven to withstand the harshest conditions, the ANBI Switch is perfect for agricultural and industrial equipment.

In addition, the ANBI Switch is suitable for a broad range of applications including automotive, marine, caravans and motorcycles.

The ANBI Battery Switch eliminates drainage of stored power by isolating the battery from power-hungry components and general energy leakage. Installation is quick and easy and can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

To find out more about fitting an ANBI Switch and how it can help you avoid the costs and frustration of dealing with a flat battery go to: www.anbiswitch.com.au or call tel: 1800 290 812.


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