Deep ripping is this the missing link

Much has been made of the benefits of deep ripping in recent years. The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is just one organisation that has conducted numerous studies across Australia. Their research showing highly promising yield results for ripping conducted between 500 and 600mm in Western Australia’s sandy soils, especially when combined with inclusion […]

Flat Battery issues beaten with an ANBI switch

The ANBI Battery Switch has been released for everyone working on the land, as it can ensure equipment is operational at all times. Nothing’s more frustrating than a flat battery. But now you can avoid costly downtime and inconvenience, with an inexpensive and simple to install, ANBI Battery Switch. Designed and manufactured in Australia to […]

Vin Rowe reaches Aussie icon status

Commencing as a single franchised New Holland dealer in 1961 the diversity experienced by Vin Rowe Farm Machinery based in Warragul Vic has been interesting and on occasions even profitable. Founding owner Vin Rowe realised that the company could no longer rely on a single industry (milking) to survive in an increasing changing world. With […]

SWAN Systems offers efficient Weatherwise Watering

SWAN Systems is now able to provide growers with local weather forecasts and data-based insights that enables accurate rate irrigation and nutrient application decisions. Taken together, this service information enables resources to be used to their full potential while also offering reduction in costs through water savings, and overall better yields. And as current growers […]

Bushmans water tanks are now first choice

Bushmans provide a variety of water tanks for storage in homes, around the farm or rural businesses. Choose from their full range of poly water tanks, slimline water tanks, and popular range of Aqualine steel liner tanks. When you rely on your own water storage supply for your home, farm or business, you must have […]