Gates takes its lawn and garden belts into a high growth season

To prove the grass is always greener with the extensive range of Gates® garden and outdoor belts the selection has been extended for 2022

Gates® claim an exact OEM fit and construction process that translates to longer life garden and lawn equipment belts

Gates® lawn and garden belts are designed to handle the toughest landscaping tasks covering everything from golf courses, athletic facilities, and university campuses.

Gates® belts are known to meet and exceed the performance of standard OE belts providing high-performance and superior stability, ultimately reducing your downtime.


BladeRunner™ belt benefits

Engineered to fit the most common lawn and garden equipment, with a wide range of SKUs, BladeRunner will meet and exceed the performance of the OE belt on the equipment it’s applied to.

  • Exact OEM fit and construction means more value and longer life
  • Aramid cord construction is utilised in many cases, providing longer service life during frequent and sever shock loads
  • Heavy-duty cord-packs with dual layer outer fabric wrap to withstand the rigorous start-and-stop operation of lawn and garden equipment
  • Various constructions (V, Cogged, Synchronous) available to suit different applications
  •  Superior performance over fractional horsepower belts on recommended applications.

PoweRated V-Belts

PoweRated belts are suitable for outdoor power equipment, appliances and industrial applications where Fractional Horsepower (FHP) belts are typically used. Designed to deliver more horsepower, less stretch and longer serrvice life when compared to conventioanl light-duty belts making it the preferred alternative.

PoweRated™ V-belt benefits:
  • Bareback construction for smooth clutching on shock loaded, backside-idler driven equipment to ensure high crack resistance
  • Low, aramid tensile cord positioned in a thin profile gives extreme flexibility and limited stretch with extraordinary strength and durability
  • Gates® PowerRated V-belts can be substituted for equivalent sizes of FHP low horsepower Gates® Truflex V-Belts.

TruFlex V-Belts

Engineered to be flexible, durable, and resistant to contaminates. Having a thinner profile makes it the ideal belt for small-diameter sheaves, while having a lower cord positioning to improve belt performance on light-duty belt drives and in your backside idler applications.

TruFlex™ V-belt benefits

Gates® curves provide proper cord support and full contact with the pulley-groove for
  • and full contact with the pulley-groove for uniform loading, uniform wear and increased belt life
  • Flex-bonded cords are strongly bonded to the body of the belt resulting in equal load distribution and the absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration
  • Thin profile is designed for small-diameter sheaves and a lower cord positioning to improve belt performance on light-duty belt drives and backside idler applications
  • Proprietary Flex-Weave™ cover is patented fabric construction, providing extended protection to the belt core from oil, contaminants and heat for longer belt life.

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