Agritechnica was on again then maybe off and now officially will not go ahead

Organisers of Agritechnica 2021 have finally been put out of their misery with the official word the event will not take place in 2022 as a substitute Agritechnica 2022 was never a real event anyway, it was the result of the official 2021 event being cancelled out of its traditional November slot, and as a […]

John Deere X Series harvester on tour powers through a Deniliquin wheat crop

A John Deere X9 1000 harvester is one of three machines currently under demonstration and made short work of an irrigated wheat crop near Deniliquin NSW Yet to be released John Deere X Series harvesters are touring key grain growing regions to demonstrate the line-up’s expanded capacity with added efficiency and intelligence. The X Series […]

Federal government backs stronger foundations for agriculture with grants

With over $300 million stumped up in a Mid-Year Economic Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO)investment, it confirms the Federal government’s ongoing commitment to support the agriculture industry. This year’s MYEFO builds on actions taken by the Federal Government to drive agriculture’s resilience, competitiveness, and growth in support of industry’s target of $100 billion in farmgate value by […]

Gates takes its lawn and garden belts into a high growth season

To prove the grass is always greener with the extensive range of Gates® garden and outdoor belts the selection has been extended for 2022 Gates® lawn and garden belts are designed to handle the toughest landscaping tasks covering everything from golf courses, athletic facilities, and university campuses. Gates® belts are known to meet and exceed […]