Grains Australia Limited awarded almost $1 million to explore new export channels

Grains Australia (GAL) has been awarded funding of $969,480 to develop new export markets for grains, oilseeds and pulses.

The grant has been given to assist develop new overseas markets and accelerate trade diversification where our homegrown grain is highly regarded, such as in Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and the subcontinent.

Local growers are under increasing competition from other suppliers and emerging production, particularly from the Black Sea region and Argentina.

Through this grant, it is expected the Australian grains industry will explore new markets and seek to grow market share in traditional ones.

South East Asian markets are booming and through this grant GAL will provide virtual workshops to raise awareness of the unique qualities of Australian feed grains for livestock feed rations.

Building on the Australian Government’s work, the grains industry is also developing a collaborative grains partnership with India, bringing together stakeholders from government and industry from both countries to build a platform for future trade in grain and grain products.

Grains Australia CEO Jonathan Wilson said the project was the result of the industry coming together.

“This grant is a collaboration between leading grain groups across Australia, working together to improve market diversification for our grain growers,” Mr Wilson said.

“Market access matters to us all, and it’s important to draw on our different strengths to find the best outcome for producers and exporters.

Behind the government grants

·      ATMAC grants have been awarded under the Australian Government’s Agri-business expansion initiative (ABEI).

·      The Australian government has invested $72.7 million through ABEI to help Australia’s agricultural, forestry and fisheries industries diversify and expand their export markets.

·      The gross value of crop production is estimated to have reached a near-record $35.5 billion in 2020-21. Grains, oilseeds and pulses accounted for 50 per cent of the value of crop production.

·      The gross value of wheat production is estimated at a record $9.7 billion for 2020-21.

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