Grant worth $326,000 awarded to improve traceability in leather and hide industry

The Australian Hide Skin & Leather Exporters’ Association have been awarded a $326,000 grant to install and operate Australia’s first hide and leather tracing system.

It is expected the project will be able to fill a vital gap in the traceability chain.

The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) allows producers to keep track of stock in the paddock or the saleyards, this traceability has been lost at the tanners.

Following the results of the grant, it is expected producers will be able to continue that guarantee of quality into the leather and hides industry.

Consumers both here and internationally want greater transparency and real time advice about the origin and safety of product in the modern digital marketplace.

Through the innovation and ingenuity of Australian industry, these round two projects will give Aussie exporters the competitive edge.”

Australian Hide Skin & Leather Exporters’ Association Executive Officer, Dennis King, said the organisation was grateful to be a recipient of the grant.

“We’re investigating the ways we can implement traceability off the hoof, so to speak,” Mr King said.

“We’re going to look at how we can link hides to the NLIS and for tracing at the tannery through the development of data integration software that can be made available for industry-wide use.

“Thanks to this grant we will be able to implement a system where buyers will know for certain that they are buying quality Australian-grown leather and hide products.” For more details on the 14 successful round two projects visit the Traceability Grants Program website.

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