A grant worth $297,000 has been handed out to trace kangaroo meat supply chain

Western Game Processing is the recipient of the $297,000 grant and it is expected to create an app to trace kangaroo and wild game meat from catching to processing.

Traceability is seen as a very important aspect to underpin the reliability and sustainability of game meat as the product becomes more popular and for export.

This grant will go towards creating an app and an internet dashboard to log real-time kangaroo harvesting data, from point of origin to processing.

While data is currently collected on kangaroos harvested, this system will eliminate the need for harvesters to manually record data using paper tags.

By digitising the data, we can enhance traceability for biosecurity and food recall, which is important for accessing foreign markets.

Being able to quickly trace kangaroos back to the harvester and the harvest area will also assist in identifying and addressing animal welfare concerns that may arise.

We know that consumers in Australia and internationally want greater transparency and real time advice about the origin and safety of product in the modern digital marketplace.

By tapping into the innovation and ingenuity of Australian industry, these round two projects will give Aussie exporters the competitive edge.”

Western Game Processing Director Ben Cameron said the organisation was grateful to receive the grant.

“While this project will start off with the kangaroo harvesters who supply our Longreach facility, we’re aiming to extend it to the wider industry and make it available to the Australian game meat industry.

“This system will enhance access to the traceability of each kangaroo as they move along the supply chain – from paddock to plate.

“It will assist us to monitor and track and trace product. Data collected and shared with stakeholders will also ensure the sustainability of kangaroo populations.”

For more details on the 14 successful round two projects being funded under the Traceability Grants Program, see details here website.

Why Traceability is becoming necessary

  • The Traceability Grants Program supports industry projects that will enhance our agricultural supply chain traceability systems, including developing and trialing technologies that digitise information flow.
  • The program also aims to provide an advantage for our exporters and to increase opportunities to export Australian commodities.
  • The program is part of the Australian Government’s Modernising Agricultural Trade agenda to support the target of a $100 billion agricultural sector by 2030.
  • The Australian Government is investing $7 million from 2019-20 through to the end of 2022-23 in projects under the Traceability Grants program.
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