HE-VA is the deep ripper you always wanted

HE-VA Sub soiler
The HE-VA trailed deep ripper is the ultimate step in providing subsoilers for high-power tractors up to 441kW (600hp). Three models are available with 9 and 11, and 13 tines that cut across 5, 6, and 7m (16, 20, 23ft) respectively.

Danmas, run by well-known industry identity Jorn Ib has become the Australian importers for the HE-VA cultivation brand.

And while Jorn Ib will manage the range in Western Australia, Danmas has appointed Techgrow as wholesale distributors for Eastern Australia.

Subsoilers models offer 5, 6, and 7m (16, 20, 23ft) working widths respectively and each model splits and folds down to a width of 2.43m (8ft) for easy transport

HE-VA has a mighty reputation in the northern hemisphere for its ability to handle new ground and work through hard pans and soil that badly needs some aeration.

This is one of the machines you have always wanted to get your hands on and rip through that rough ground that’s bothered you for years.

And as to who will come out on top, a mountain of a ripper or that challenging ground, we are betting on the HE-VA.

Everybody knows Jorn Ib is an expert at placing the right machines into a cropping cycle and this true for the HE-VA.

For many local growers It’s become apparent their traffic-induced and even long-term no-till working layers have built up higher levels of soil compaction than considered ideal.

And following what for many is such an abundant growth season, it is perfect timing to get ground nutrients ready for next season, with soil opened up and broken down like never before.

By deep ripping, roots can penetrate the soil faster and deeper to absorb more soil moisture, capture more soil nutrients and improve yield.

H-VA linkage
HE-VA’s linkage deep ripper is built for high power tractors working large farming areas. These hydraulic folding sub-soilers are designed to tackle very rough ground. HE-VA linkage models come in 3 and 4m (10 and 13ft) working widths

The benefits will obviously vary with soil type; however, any soil chemical restraints need to be respected.

General feedback so far for this season is that most growers expect to rip to depths varying between 250 and 500mm in preparation for the next broadacre crop.

This is where the HE-VA deep rippers come in. There is an option of both linkage, and trailed models.

The linkage machines come in both 3 and 4m (10 and 13ft) models so they can easily be transported around the paddocks for some quick and effective deep digging.

While trailed machines are available in either 5, 6 or 7m (16, 20 or 23ft) wide cuts.

The HE-VA deep rippers can work to a maximum depth of 700mm (27.5-inches).

They are fitted with a hydraulic tine break-out that automatically swings upwards to deviate from any obstacles in the soil.

The units come standard with either 120mm (5-inch) or 200mm (8-inch) points with tung­sten tip.

HE-VA sub soiler
Models in the HE-VA deep ripper range are can work to a maximum depth of 700mm (27.5-inches) and are fitted with a hydraulic tine break-out that automatically swings upwards to avoid any obstacles in the soil

Both Inclusion plates, and delving plates will also an option for the machine tines.

One of the key functions of the HE-VA unit is the v-profile roller mounted on the back of machine.

This roller is adjusted hydraulically to meet the desired levelling and packing finish for the paddock.

The roller also has the additional advantage of crushing clods and this serves to leave a good finish behind the machine, in most cases there is only one pass required and the paddock is ready for seeding.

The tine spacing is infinitely variable depending on the work task, with only the central tine fixed. This means that the Sub-Tiller can easily be set for tramline loosening with some tines removed.

For stony soil types a SubTiller with a hydraulic automatic release system is recommended.

With a hydraulic cylinder mounted on each tine and connected to two gas accumulating tanks, an automatic swing of a tine is ensured if it hits unmovable stones.

This system also functions as a shock absorber in stony soils, where it will react to vibrations.

Call now to secure your ideal HE-VA model for next season.

Contact Jorn Ib at Danmas for more information on model availability in the west on mobile 0447 131 208, and Techgrow International (https://www.techgrow.com.au/he-va-rippers) in all eastern states on Tel: 08 8842 1384, or email: sales@techgrow.com.au


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