Henty Machinery Field Days springs into life for 2021

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Henty MFD is calling all inventors to arms and to get along to where all those good backyard ideas could be turned into a multi-million dollar business
Justin Dunn from Temora NSW was the winner of the 2018 Henty Agri-Innovator of the Year Award with The Shepherd auto sheep feeder and has since gone on to commercial fame

Farm inventors, backyard tinkerers and students are invited to showcase their innovative ideas in the Agri-Innovator of the Year Award at the 2021 Henty Machinery Field Days.

The entries only have to meet the criteria of having a practical on-farm application, be based on an original idea of the entrant and not be in full-scale production at the time of entry.

HMFD chief executive officer Belinda Anderson said Agri-Innovators was aimed at tertiary and university students, farmers, backyard tinkerers and innovators.

“Entries can be any agribusiness invention, ranging from a mobile phone app or computer software program to the largest tillage machinery,’’ she said.

“This year’s entrants will receive exposure to the agricultural market place and the opportunity to network with potential manufacturers.’’

Temora farmer and the 2018 Agri-Innovation winner for an auto sheep feeder, Justin Dunn, encouraged all aspiring inventors to enter their concept in the Agri-Innovators Award.

“At some point you have to take off – it may be not finished or perfect but you will never get to that point until you have it out there commercially,” he said.

The Shepherd received nationwide media coverage from the win at Henty with around 50 units sold after the event and went on to win the NAB Agribusiness Award of Excellence.

The judges at Henty could see the commercial value of The Shepherd.

This was a well thought out solar-powered new generation smart feeder incorporating automated technologies.

The Shepherd is now a great commercial success and units are now fitted with a 4G remote camera with a 300-degree view, and also a SMS remote controller which sends alerts via text message.

Budding millionaire inventors could get their break at the 2021 Henty Machinery Field Days. Enter the Agri-Innovators Award and find out, contact the HMFD office on 02 6929 3305.

The Henty MFD super event will run from Tuesday 21 until Thursday 23 September 2021, with exhibitors grabbing all the prime spots from the online applications at: https://hmfd.com.au/