John Deere 8 Series Tractors 2022 update

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In the power range from 169 to 302kW (230 to 410hp), and now with multiple transmission options, John Deere 8 Series models for 2022 are the go-to on all growers’ wish lists
John Deere 8RX 410
Slotted right at the top of the four track 8RX Series tractor line is the John Deere 8RX 410 offering engine power of 302kW (410hp) that allows it to easily work a 1775 NT Planter or any other large implements in either row-crops or wide open grain paddocks

The 8 Series tractor from John Deere includes seven wheeled models in the 8R Series, four models in the two-track 8RT Series and four models in the four-track 8RX Series.

These 15 models have the advantage of being updates that build on a strong foundation of existing model technology.

Models from across the 8R, 8RT and 8RX lineup offer engine power from 169 to 302kW (230 to 410hp), with multiple transmission options to suit any farm operation.

A John Deere PowerTech 9-litre engine is used to deliver the straight-line pulling power that 8 Series tractors offer.

Available in Tier 3/Stage IIIa or optional FT4/Stage V, get uncompromised performance up to 302kW engine power (410hp), even higher through Intelligent Power Management of the FT4/Stage V option.

John Deere 8R 410
Simply a magnificent beast, this John Deere 8R 410 tops the wheeled power range at 302kW (410hp) and can be expected to do anything you ask of it with its uprated transmission selections and Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS) that saves time when changing pressure for paddock and transport

Wheel model 8R Series

The seven wheeled models in the 8R Series offer the full complement of engine power that ranges from 169 to 302kW (230 to 410hp).

Multiple front-axle choices are available and include mechanical front-wheel-drive (MFWD) or ILS and this gives growers and contractors the choice to match the workload of their operation precisely.

Each tractor in the 8R Series is equipped with a Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS) that saves time when adjusting the pressure required for paddock and transport operations.

This system automatically changes tyre pressure when “road” or “paddock” settings are engaged on 8R tractors equipped with Independent-Link Suspension (ILS).

For road transport, increased pressure gives greater fuel efficiency, reduced tyre wear and improved ride and handling.

While in the paddock lower pressure and a larger footprint provides more lug engagement to reduce slip and ground pressure.

Two-track 8RT Series

For operations where extra lugging is required, the four models in the two-track 8RT Series are offered engine power from 228 to 302kW (310 to 410hp).

This power combination is backed up with the widest choice of row-spacing  adjustability on any model, ranging from 1.828 to 4.064m (72 to 160 inches) in 101mm (4-inch) increments.

Two-track tractors provide a 23% larger footprint over wheel models, with less ground pressure and lower slip values.

Many growers will choose a two-track model for row-crop work, straight-line pulling, and broad-acre tillage.

AirCushion axle suspension is standard and when combined with the tractor’s 4-post cab suspension it does offer a less bumpy in-paddock work ride.

John Deere ExactRate tank
John Deere 8RX Tractors hold a secret weapon under the lid in the form of this integrated 3750-litre capacity ExactRate tank that is ideal for many liquid carrying tasks including fertiliser application while seeding

Four-track 8RX Series

John Deere has also slotted the four models in the four-track 8RX Series into the 228 to 302kW (310 to 410hp) engine power bracket.

These models offer an extreme combination of pulling performance and flotation that makes them ideal for handling large implements in either row-crop or wide open grain paddocks.

The 8 Series 8RX tractors are also fitted with an integrated 3750-litre capacity ExactRate Tractor Tanks to provide additional liquid capacity.

This is ideal for tasks such as liquid fertiliser application while seeding and planting, enabling more time in the paddock and greater productivity by reducing the number of fills required.

Growers looking for more agronomic benefits at planting, such as improved flotation, can pair an 8RX equipped with 3785-litre ExactRate Tractor Tanks with a John Deere planter on tracks and maintain ground pressure under 15 PSI.

The 8RX four-track reduces ground compaction up to 14% compared to wheel tractors with third-party tanks, even while carrying the extra payload.

John Deere 8 Series 2022 tractor cab
You notice straight away more room in the cab of John Deere 8 Series 2022 models with a wider door entrance and extra headroom. If you add to the package with an optional ActiveSeat II it isolates the operator from up to 90% of vertical movements and it will divert all attention to working the CommandARM Console

Of the multiple transmission options available for 8 Series tractors is a 16-speed PowerShift; e23 PowerShift, or the Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) with optional CommandPRO control that puts critical implement and tractor controls in the palm of the operator.

Both the e23 PowerShift and IVT are capable of transport speeds up to 50 kph.

All 8 Series Tractors offer industry-leading operator comfort, visibility, and technology with a choice of three available Comfort and Convenience packages and three Visibility packages with multiple lighting configurations.

John Deere 8 Series tractors come as standard with JDLink connectivity, plus an integrated StarFire GPS receiver, Generation 4 CommandCenter display, AutoTrac guidance, and free access to John Deere Operations Center.

For more information, see your local John Deere dealer here.

John Deere 8 Series tractors can be ordered from June 2021.