John Deere lubricants made just right for your farm machinery

John Deere continues to ensure their exclusive range of John Deere lubricants keep up with the impressive off-highway engine developments and performance expected from farmers

Mixed-enterprise farmer Justin Burns ensures John Deere’s lubricant range, including Plus-50 II™ Premium Engine Oil and Hy-Gard™ Hydraulic and Transmission Oil, are used across his equipment fleet

Right from the start of manufacturing farm equipment John Deere recognised the obvious work conditions that defined off-highway engines in tractors and farm equipment as vastly different to the requirements of an on-highway engine fitted to trucks and other delivery vehicles.

Tractors and farm equipment simply had to work much harder often in harsh and dusty conditions and always had to find the power expected without fail for their operators.

John Deere engineers required their models to run on much more than standard off the shelf oils could offer, and made it a priority to ensure customers would always get the high standard product they required through the John Deere lubricant range.

This includes all John Deere off-highway models from their extensive Agricultural and Construction equipment range that require a much higher duty cycle and hourly fuel burn than on-highway vehicles.

John Deere engineers have calculated the work demand to be typically double or more in off-highway equipment and as a result have worked to ensure their lubricant range is the most advanced for heavy-duty diesel engine models.

Starting with the best quality crude oil, John Deere engineers chose a refined grade of the base fluid and then selected their own combination of additives to be blended with the base oil.

The combination of additives that John Deere chooses to work with is well above the average oil that carries around 10 to 15%, in order to reduce cost, and results in a quality level of oil with a low level of engine protection.

Instead, the John Deere formula offer additive packages that are from 25 to 30% in excess of average packages, designed to protect their customer’s engines and transmission with oils that provide the protection required for off-highway engines.

With more inclusions for better engine protection, the initial cost of the John Deere oil may be more expensive than cheaper made brands with far less protection.

However, studies show that cost difference is eliminated when you take into account the advantage of a longer running time with extended service intervals and much reduced maintenance costs.

Calculating the cost of John Deere Plus-50™ II

Because John Deere Plus-50 II is capable of long lifespans without oxidising, it is able to protect engines well beyond a standard 250 hour service

interval. Plus-50 II has an extended drain interval of 500 hours when used with John Deere genuine filters.*

All engine oils in the market are subject to minimum API testing standards, however John Deere does not do the bare minimums when it comes to protecting your engine.

John Deere engineers have developed the most thorough oil test currently available the JDQ-6068, where oil is run at high temperature 140C.

And runs for 500 hours continuous with no oil added to the test, using bio-diesel fuel /B20. JDQ-6068 is developed to qualify Plus-50 II for 500-hour extended service interval under the worst-case scenario of high-temperature oxidation, thermal evaporation, piston deposit formation, as well as additional stress from using B20 biodiesel fuel (20% biodiesel mixed with regular diesel fuel).

The JDQ-6068 is the most extensive test available to date and John Deere oil is the only product that has managed to pass such an intensive and demanding process.

During this test process the viscosity of John Deere Plus-50 II did not change, still running at the same viscosity as when it first entered the engine, guaranteeing that John Deere Plus-50 II will always protect your engine to that level.

John Deere is so confident in its product that it offers an exclusive engine protection warranty on John Deere Plus-50 II engine oil.

By using John Deere Plus-50 II engine oil and John Deere genuine oil filters, John Deere guarantee^ that your engine is covered from engine oil related failure.

John Deere oil and lubricants are designed and manufactured with one main goal in mind, to provide superior protection for your engine, and with more than 180 years of manufacturing, John Deere knows a thing or two about quality products.

For more details, speak to your local John Deere dealer on this link.

*500 hour drain interval applies to John Deere diesel engines when the following criteria are met:

1. Engine is equipped with an extended drain interval oil pan.
2. Machine operates with Plus-50 II engine oil API CK-4.
3. Machine uses a John Deere engine oil filter.
4. Machine uses only ultra low sulphur diesel fuel.

^All guarantees made in this article are applicable to the use of John Deere Plus-50 II Engine Oil in a John Deere diesel engine for extended drain times of between 375 and 750 hours. Always refer to the machine owner’s manual for the recommended extended drain time for your machine. John Deere only recommend Plus-50 II Engine Oil for extended drain periods. John Deere extended drain Guarantee, requires the use of genuine John Deere oil filters. John Deere do not recommend that any engine oil other than John Deere Plus-50 II be used for a drain period of longer than the standard service interval as stated in the machine owner’s manual.

John Deere lubricants maximise uptime on mixed enterprise farm that relies on machine reliability

Justin Burns uses the John Deere lubricant range across his full fleet of machinery at his Burrumbuttock NSW mixed enterprise farm property

Mixed-enterprise farmer Justin Burns from Burrumbuttock NSW has confidence he is maximising his John Deere fleet’s uptime and saving money by investing in the quality and customisation of the OEM genuine lubricant product range.

This, including Plus-50 II Premium Engine Oil and also Hy-Gard™ Hydraulic and Transmission Oil.

“I always think when it comes to lubricants, a quality oil is much cheaper than having to buy replacement parts,” Justin said.

“John Deere’s oils are made specifically for John Deere equipment, which gives me peace of mind I won’t have any issues that are oil-related, and that I will be getting the most out of my equipment.”

Another plus for this third generation farmer is that the lubricants are formulated to perform under extreme loads and dusty, dirty conditions.

Like those in his 855D Gator™, 7430, 615R, 8120 and 9420 John Deere Tractors, and a new S780 Combine Harvester.  

Justin’s farm “Boxwood”, in the central southern Riverina region of NSW, is also home to wife Lisa and children Austin (12), Mason (10), Lucy (7) and Jack (2).

The family also operate across other farm holdings Glencraig and Hardwicke and in total

have 70% of land under canola, wheat, barley and oats with the balance used for sheep

production across the trio of properties.

As a producer of a diverse range of commodities, Justin said another key attraction of the John Deere lubricant range was its rapid availability.

“It’s always on the shelf at my dealership Hutcheon and Pearce, but most of the time they will deliver it out to me,” Justin added.

“It’s a terrific service. Albury is about forty minutes away from here so it saves me time and means I can keep all of our machines operating in the paddock.

“When it’s the peak season and we are really busy, they will be out here about once a week, bringing the parts, oils and  anything else we require,” Justin concluded. Find out more at your local John Deere Dealer or visit

Experience indicates John Deere lubricants are best in paddock

Grain grower Barry McCormack uses John Deere’s Plus-50 II Premium Engine Oil and Hy-Gard Hydraulic and Transmission Oil across his John Deere fleet of equipment

Third generation Marrar based grain grower, Barry McCormack, knows the John Deere’s lubricant range is tailor made for its machines and ensures genuine oils are used across his entire green fleet.

John Deere Plus-50 II™ Premium Engine Oil along with Hy-Gard™ Hydraulic and Transmission Oil are fundamental to the operation of his John Deere 9600 Combine Harvester, 4250, 8220, and 3130 Tractors, that he uses to farm his 600ha cropping enterprise in the central Riverina district of NSW.

“I know anything John Deere puts their name to has been held to the highest standard, which makes their oils good enough for me,” Barry said. 

“As they are made to John Deere specification, I’ve had no issues across my machines and have been using their genuine products since they first came on the market.”

The John Deere lubricant range is formulated to perform under heavy loads and dry conditions, which is a requirement for Barry on his home property “Glenwood” that he runs in partnership with his wife Helen and son Steven.

Third generation Marrar-based grain grower, Barry McCormack, ensures John Deere’s genuine oils are used across his full equipment fleet

This year the family sowed canola, wheat, lupins and barley across their sandy loam soils, and is currently rolling out a spraying and spreading program.

Barry McCormack said the genuine product range also gave him peace of mind his equipment was working at its ultimate performance, which helps drive productivity.

In recent years, efficiency has never been more paramount as Barry said seasonal conditions had widely varied, so he relied on his John Deere equipment to make the most out of every crop.

And despite the peaks and troughs of climatic conditions, Barry still finds growing grain rewarding.

“When you are sitting up in a header and seeing a great crop roll straight up the front of it, there is nothing that beats a sight like that,” Barry concluded. 

Find out more at your local John Deere Dealer or visit