John Deere X Series harvester on tour powers through a Deniliquin wheat crop

A John Deere X9 1000 harvester is one of three machines currently under demonstration and made short work of an irrigated wheat crop near Deniliquin NSW

In the threatening weather NSW growers had to contend with all through the 2021-22 winter season a John Deere X9 1000 shown in action here is one of three machines currently under demonstration in grain regions across the country

Yet to be released John Deere X Series harvesters are touring key grain growing regions to demonstrate the line-up’s expanded capacity with added efficiency and intelligence.

The X Series tour is providing an opportunity for growers to speak directly with John Deere specialists about game-changing X Series combines available for next season.

The X Series tour comes at an opportune time as it coincided with an expected record harvest of 58.4 million tonnes of grain from the 2021-22 winter season. If achieved, it will be the nation’s largest harvest on record.

John Deere Australia and New Zealand Territory Business Manager, Max Cusack, said the unprecedented forecast had sparked even more interest in the X Series combines, as increased capacity coupled with improved efficiency would ensure growers could capitalise on peak windows of opportunity.

“With the ability to harvest 12 hectares of wheat each hour, depending on conditions, the X Series brings a higher level of capacity to the local agriculture industry,” Max Cusack said.

“Increasingly, farmers are facing shorter harvesting windows due to challenging weather conditions, which is a high-pressure environment the X Series thrives in.

“Within twenty minutes of the X9 1000 combine arriving on the farm, we had optimised its performance and were working at full capacity, harvesting between 10 to 14kph, fitted with a 15.2m (50ft) HDR header.

“What made this performance striking for the growers who attended the demonstration, was the remarkable fuel efficiency and minimal grain loss achieved.”

John Deere Australia and NZ Territory Business Manager Max Cusack (right) with grain grower and harvesting contractor Paul Park are shown during the demonstration day at Paul’s property “Keralee” near Deniliquin NSW

Grain grower and harvesting contractor, Paul Park, played host to growers in attendance from as far north as Coleambally and Hillston NSW.

At the demonstration on his property “Keralee” near Deniliquin NSW, Paul watched as the crop achieved a five tonnes per hectare yield average.

Paul manages 1500ha where he grows irrigated cereal crops, and also services Northern NSW and parts of Victoria with his contract harvesting business. He was impressed by the productivity achieved by the X Series while retaining an ideal frame size.

“With the X Series you are getting an extra half a header, but it’s in the same size as the S Series,” Paul Park said.

“For a long time, new harvesters were becoming much larger, however this machine is the same size, but with bolstered capacity and has 20% lower fuel consumption. That’s a huge saving as the fuel costs add up.

“Anything larger than four metres, for us, becomes awkward to transport when we are moving equipment to different locations.”

Paul also made a particular point of noting the smooth front-end handling of the machine.

“What I also found impressive when watching the X9 1000 was the ability of the platform to float and ride along as it followed the ground,” he said. 

“It was hugging the ground so well, it looked as though it moved independently to the harvester, which I think has ticked a huge box.”  

Hillston grower, Jochim Jager, whose business has secured an X Series harvester due to arrive in 2022, said the Demo Day confirmed the traits that first drew him to the machine.

As a producer of wheat, canola, lentils and barley across 10,000ha, Jochim Jager said productivity and efficiency were key.

“It’s overall capacity and the fact it has minimal grain loss was evident during the demo, and a harvester with little grain loss is what we’re looking for,” Jochim added.

“During the demo, the X9 1000 harvested varying crops, including some lighter grain, and didn’t throw any of it out – which with crops like that, can easily happen,” Jochim concluded. To find out when an X Series model is heading to your region for a demonstration, contact your local John Deere dealer on this link.