Managing irrigation for the future


New technology for irrigation has been progressing tremendously and shows promise in improving the ability to manage labour, energy, and water loses at both the system and farm levels. Source: AFDJ eNews

Reinke’s computerised irrigation management system gives growers more control over essential functions from their office environment, while T-L Irrigation’s patented technology has successfully married center pivot technology with drip irrigation.

Remote sensors and drones are being adopted by farmers and irrigation systems operators to understand and monitor agricultural systems and they will become the basis for operational decisions.

One example is the IrriSATSMS system that uses satellite imagery to estimate quantities of water required so that existing water supply is utilised better.

As the uncertainty in future water supplies increases, irrigators will need to adopt breakthrough technologies to solve their water challenges.

These systems and others will be on display at Irrigation Australia International Conference which will be held in Melbourne from 24-26 May.