Muller Fabrications offer a starring line of Hay and Grain handling equipment

Proving just how successful a local maker can become is the fabric behind the 15-plus year history of building the Hay and Grain models that Muller’s offer

Muller offers a great range of grain chaser bins with capacities from 18 to 29 tonnes and unloading times under three minutes

The Muller Accumulator and Grab system is now recognised as one of the best combinations to get bales out of the paddock as quickly as possible.

These Accumulators and Grabs offer a leading edge in hay handling and they have the advantage of being locally made by Muller Fabrications in their purpose built manufacturing plant at Boonah in south west Queensland.

The Muller system offers the speediest paddock to storage hay handling method, no matter how much hay you need to handle, as some of the largest contractors are now picking the Muller system as their first product choice.

Muller Accumulator

The Muller Accumulator is fully automatic with a mechanical tailgate for superior pack quality. The system is also height adjustable to fit any baler, and is built on a heavy-duty RHS frame with a galvanised floor and hard-wired electrical system.

One of the most popular high volume models is the Muller 15 bale Accumulator. It has a simply design but a very robust build to work reliably and as hard as the operator can handle.

Muller Fab has developed a speedy paddock to storage hay handling system, with their high volume Accumulator and Grab range

Its unique mechanical tailgate ensures exceptional pack quality while still providing the simple reliability of a tipping style ejection.

Flotation tyres are fitted as standard to help reduce crop marking and compaction.

The fully automatic electrical system controls three hydraulic solenoid valves that consist simply of six identical micro switches.

While a control panel enables all function to be over-ridden from the cab is fitted as standard. Scales are another option.

Muller Grab

The perfect partner for the Accumulator is a Muller Fab Grab.

It has solid drive axles and 13mm high tensile steel spears with a heavy-duty headstock. Standard 1.5m hydraulic hoses and side shift can also be specified in the build.

Strong and reliable it’s so easy to use it makes baling a simple one-person job.

Another high-volume Muller model is the 15 Bale Hay Grab.

Muller’s range of accumulators and hay bale grabs has the advantage of being locally made and are strong enough for the harshest operations

It has a side arm assembly designed that enables optional hydraulic operation (upon installation of an additional hydraulic ram).

This allows the operator to load hay easily on either side of an obstruction such as a tailgate.

Muller Fabrications also makes basic sets of Hay Spears; these consist of a standard headstock size with lugs to suit any quick hitch. Check the Muller website for the complete range of sizes available.

A popular line from the Muller factory is their medium and heavy-Duty slashers.

Durability is the key to the slashers that Muller Fab make, and is also a key factor for buyers of their slashers

The slasher models from Muller Fab range in working widths from 1.8m to 3.7m (6 to 12ft), and are suited to run from tractor power between 37 to 96kW (50 to 130hp).

Muller Chaser Bins

A star performer in the Muller manufacturing line-up, is the Muller Chaser Bins with product capacities ranging from 18 to 29-tonnes, and unload times of around three minutes.

Both the chaser bins and mother bins are an extra strong design with full pressed 3mm section steel for the bin construction and full pressed 5mm section for the chassis.

They also use 5mm sectional auger flights except for the big MF29 Chaser Bin, this offers 29-tonnes capacity and is built with 8mm sectional auger flights.

All Muller bins use a full shut off gate system over the trough auger, and that allows for a continuous flow of grain along both side of the trough auger.

The chaser bins use a varied pitch auger in the trough for a more even unload of the grain and this also reduces the effect of the grain emptying from the rear of the bin first.

The folding unload auger on all Muller bins have an over centre lever lock design, this allows the auger to be folded up or down without the need to manually lock or bolt the auger in the unload position.

The auger drive on Muller chaser bins and mother bins is PTO as standard, with the option of a hydraulic motor. This system also uses a 25mm (1-inch) duplex roller chain to drive from the 90-deg gearbox to both augers.

There are two compartments on the Muller bins, and each can be emptied separately, or the grain can be combined from both compartments.

Muller mother bins use a hydraulic wheel raising system with only 4-wheels in the centre of the frame, this makes them highly maneuverable.

The Pull is also hydraulically adjustable and this allows the operator to raise or lower the front or rear of the bin to run over raised banks or gullies.

All Muller bins have swing down clean-out doors under the trough auger and at the bottom of the unload auger.

High quality bearings are used throughout, and they are painted with two-pack to give a high quality, lasting finish.

Heavy Duty Slashers

Muller Fab heavy-duty slashers are built in working widths of 2.4, 3.0, 3.7m and (8, 10 and 12ft) and these models have performed flawlessly over many years in demanding agricultural, commercial and industrial mowing applications.

These models offer the highest maximum cutting capacity ratings in their respective size and classes.

The advantage they offer is in their design of a smooth, obstruction free underside deck that ensures an efficient material flow through the cutting chamber.

These decks are also designed to be deeper and this more easily.

Also inherent in the strong build is a more reliable 96kW (130hp) gearbox that generates extra power and allows for more clearance under the deck than a standard model.

For the Muller fab heavy-duty range of slashers it is suggested you run them with tractor power from 55 to 96kW (75 to 130hp).

Previous buyers always return to a Muller Fab rotor slasher as they are familiar with the quality manufacturing that has made the company successful for many years.

The tough build incorporates a 5 mm galvanised deck and all the safety chains and clutches to keep these models moving, and along with reversible skids and blades, rear wheel kits can also be added.

Medium Duty Slashers

Made for jobs where regular mowing has taken place for a number of years, and a heavy slasher is not required, Muller Fab has a more economical alternative with its medium duty slashers.

Available in cutting widths of 1.8 and 2.1m (6 and 7ft) these slashers are known for their reliability and durability as they are built for local conditions with a long lasting 5mm galvanised reinforced deck and an additional plating of 10 mm under the gearbox.

They are built with a 55kW (75hp) gearbox that has been tested over many years of service, and tractor power of 37 to 74kW (50 to 100hp) is adequate to run these models.

These models also have a 200mm (8-inch) heavy-duty safety clutch fitted in the standard build and this gives extra protection for the drive line.

As part of the design there is step down double sided blades fitted and this facilitates extra clearance between the deck and allows for better flow with the result of reducing the risk of the cutter bar hitting objects.

And because the blades are reversible, expect to get twice as long wear and tear out of each blade set.

Top link chains attached to rear of slasher allow the deck to float over undulating terrain more easily.

Other design enhancements include easily adjustable cut heights. Front and rear chain stone guards, and you can option rear wheel kits if required.

Because Muller Fab is a local manufacturer, operators can specify a stronger build and get into a higher power range of 74kW or even 96kW (100 or 130hp) for those tougher jobs.

For details on the extensive hay and grain handling product lines from Muller Fabrications, tel: 07 5463 2211, email: or see the full range on the website at