You must test drive your tractor


When you’re buying a car, you probably take each car you are considering for a test drive, around the block or around town or even overnight. Buying a tractor is the same thing. Source: iBerkshire

It is also a large investment that deserves your time and attention to detail.

“That’s why one of the most important things you can do is take a tractor that interests you out for a test drive,” said Kevin Stengl, marketing manager at Pittsfield Lawn and Tractor.

Industry experts say potential tractor buyers should “put it through its paces” beyond asking about obvious things like warranties.

A huge consideration should be your own comfort; after all, you may spend hundreds of hours on the tractor each year for the next 10 or 20 years.

The tractor should be suited to the person and one tractor doesn’t fit all.

You should know what you want to do with it and what the tractor needs to do before you come into look at one.

“Because if we sell you a tractor just based on price and comfort, we may be missing the big picture,” Stengl said.

“Is the tractor too much or not enough for your needs? For instance if you want to use a brush hog or snow blower attachment for on the tractor, the tractor must have a certain PTO power to handle these larger attachments, and with that comes a bigger engine and in turn a bigger tractor.

“So knowing what you want to do with your piece of equipment should be the first thing considered before looking at different tractors.”

If you are new to tractors it is good to come in and have the salesmen walk you through the basic steps of operating the piece of equipment you are interested in.

Firsthand knowledge is better than talking to someone over the phone or watching instructional videos.

Tractors are complicated machines; first-time users might find operating one does not come naturally. That is why stopping in to test drive is so important.

To help give buyers this up-close opportunity before purchasing a tractor, John Deere dealerships across the US are hosting “Drive Green” events where customers can talk to tractor and implement experts and get behind the wheel of John Deere and competitive equipment.

Stengl said Pittsfield Lawn and Tractor is hosting several days of “Drive Green” events.

“The Drive Green events give customers a one-stop opportunity to size up different utility tractors so they can find out exactly what horsepower tractor will best fit their property and the jobs they want to accomplish,” Stengl said.

The event also covers implement attachments for the tractors as well as Gators and XUVs (which are the John Deere utility vehicles).