New book ‘Crops People Money & You’ – a guide to excellent farming & better returns

Agriculture is driven by unpredictable weather and markets, but despite ongoing uncertainty, there is a way to farm that generates profit, builds a legacy and involves less stress. But this success ultimately comes down to you.

In a new book, Crops People Money & You: The Art of Excellent Farming (BookPOD $37.50), agricultural scientist and Think Agri founder Kate Burke draws upon extensive experience to provide an accessibly written, relatable and practical guide on how to build a robust and profitable farm business that survives any economic conditions.

Not just about key financial and technical expertise needed, Dr Burke says that success starts with the personal attributes required to make the strongest decisions about crops, people and money that ultimately drive your farming business forward.

The book explores areas such as balancing various risks in decision-making, building strong support networks, working within what you can control and the importance of maintaining optimism in spite of adversity.

Agriculture is a complex and unpredictable industry, but Crops People Money & You empowers you with the fundamentals needed for the best chance of long-term farming success.

About the Author

Dr Kate Burke’s practical and pragmatic approach to farming is based on thirty years of experience as an agricultural scientist in the dryland cropping sector. She knows how to connect the dots of science, people and money. With a unique blend of evidence, insight and empathy, Kate encourages readers to clear the fear and take the steering wheel toward Excellent Farming.