Plant a tree for Bees attracts $100,000 in grants to protect Bee Friendly Farms

Bee Friendly Farming is a program that supports farmers, orchardists, and other commercial land-use operations to promote pollinator health on their lands.

With generous support from BFF partners, One Tree Planted and Flow Hive, up to $100,000 is being offered as tree grants to support tree plantings on BFF CERTIFIED farms.

To launch the initiative, Flow Hive and One Tree Planted have supported the planting of 5,000 pollinator-friendly trees at Jigsaw Farms, a 3,441ha mixed farming operation in Victoria that recently became BFF CERTIFIED. Various native species were planted in July 2021 to enhance habitat for pollinators, and serve as a model for future Bee Friendly Farms.

“The Bee Friendly Farming Program is a very valuable ‘add-on’ which complements the other things we do” says Mark Wootton from Jigsaw Farms, “and the Tree Grant adds value to our program and allows us to plant more trees”.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to help with the cost of improving habitat and oral resources on farms to support pollinators” said Beth Dalgleish the Asia Paci c Ecosystem Director for partner One Tree Planted.

Grants are available for trees (2m at maturity) that are indigenous to the region, provide nectar and/or pollen rewards that support and encourage pollinator health and encourage a diversity of pollinators to enhance crop pollination outcomes. Successful applicants will receive a contribution of $1 per tree planted.

“Every farm and orchard is different with its own unique opportunities and challenges” said Fiona Chambers, CEO of Wheen Bee Foundation who is administering the tree grants. “Bee Friendly Farming aims to work with land managers to optimise the potential of their land as far as pollinators are concerned. The tree grants support this aim”.

Grants valued between $500 to $10,000 are on offer. Applications must be received on or before 5pm AEST on Wed 15 September 2021.

To be eligible to apply for these tree grants, you must either be a BFF CERTIFIED Farm or have your BFF CERTIFIED application submitted and pending approval by the tree grant closing date.

Download application form checklist:

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Apply for tree grants here:

Apply to become BFF certified here: ed/ For more information email

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