Norweld Australia is the first call for heavy duty aluminium Ute trays and canopies

Locally manufactured heavy-duty aluminium Ute trays and canopies are in demand as Norweld sets a benchmark in the industry

Norweld Australia is no stranger to the challenges of demanding work environments from the harsh Australian outback to expansive farm paddocks and rough terrain livestock enclaves shown here is a Ford Ranger fitted with a Norweld heavy-duty DP-Tray

Having a vehicle that is up to the task in the demanding work environment thrown up in the agricultural industry is critical. And just as critical are the aftermarket trays and canopies so vital to operate across rough paddocks and lock things down when on the road.

This is where Norweld Australia, a company steeped in a rich 50-year history, comes into play. Their expertise in the design and manufacturing of heavy-duty aluminium Ute trays and canopies has set a benchmark in the industry.

One of the standout advantages of Norweld’s products is their exceptional durability. These aluminium Ute trays and canopies are crafted from high-strength aluminium, ensuring they are lightweight, yet well-equipped to handle the demanding rigours of farm work.

From navigating rough terrains to carrying heavy loads, they offer a reliable solution for the transportation of tools, equipment, and produce. 

Norweld is the envy of the industry for its standard Deluxe Tray that can also be expanded with the Plus version that adds colour coded sideboards and toolbox lids with stainless steel capping

Moreover, the versatility of Norweld’s product range is a key advantage when it comes to choosing a proven model.

With an array of options and accessories available, these trays and canopies are designed to suit the specific requirements of all types of operations.

This adaptability is particularly beneficial farm on-farm jobbing, where tasks can vary greatly. Norweld has proven solutions that improve the efficiency and productivity of farm tasks.

Aesthetics have also been a focus for Norweld. They understand that the appearance of a vehicle can make a significant impact. As a result, their trays and canopies are designed to be sleek and current and match the visual appeal of the Utility vehicles they are paired with.

Furthermore, Norweld takes great pride in its commitment to local manufacturing. As an Australian-made and owned company, they are dedicated to producing high-quality products that support the requirements of farmers.

This means that by choosing Norweld, customers are not just investing in a premium product, but also contributing to the growth of Australian jobs and industry.

Innovation has been a driving force behind Norweld’s success for over 50 years. The company has consistently been at the cutting edge of the industry, due to their ongoing research and development efforts.

By delivering innovative designs and utilising advanced manufacturing processes, they ensure that customers receive products that are always ahead of the curve and are highly reliable.

This point is further backed with a lifetime warranty on the workmanship, and that ensures buyers they are built to last.

Moreover, the after-sales support provided by Norweld is second to none. The company understands the importance of customer satisfaction and is committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure their products continue to perform at their best.

Norweld Australia’s heavy-duty aluminium Ute trays and canopies have proven to offer a robust and versatile solution for the agricultural sector.

Their durability, adaptability, and sleek design, coupled with a commitment to Australian manufacturing and a history of innovation, make them an ideal choice for farmers looking to improve the efficiency of their operation.

Norweld has fully customisable options to create a tray that works perfectly in all farm jobbing situations and can be converted to more leisurely adventures when you want to take a break

By choosing Norweld, customers are investing in a high-quality locally made product, and in the continued growth and success of Australian industry.

Parts and assistance are readily available from Norweld’s branches conveniently located in

Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth for quick dispatches if required.

Norweld has a Tray, Canopy and accessories built to last for your model. They can be contacted now on tel: 1300 302 899 or see more about the full product range here.

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