NZ Soil Management Fielday demos 4AG equipment

The NZ Soil Management Fielday is being held this week at Pukekawa, near Pukekohe in the heart of one of NZ’s largest produce growing regions. Source: AFDJ eNews

As a specialist supplier of tillage and seeding equipment, 4AG Ltd will be displaying and demonstrating a number of cultivation tools aimed at the larger growing operations.

On display will be the heaviest duty offset discs on the market, the flagship DVi 970, in 5.7mtr working width. This machine is popular with many larger growers due to its huge daily throughput and level finish in all soil types.

Also demonstrated is the Bednar Atlas HO heavy disc cultivator, a 5.0mtr machine with built-in rear roller.  This machine which is borrowed from a North Waikato maize grain grower, will show visitors to the show disc cultivators on a completely different weight category and working depth to what has previously been offered.

The Bednar Fertibox is a front mounted versatile fertiliser or seed distribution unit, and is a popular choice with contractors and growers who want to apply high rates of fertiliser into specialist applications on rear implements.

Deep fertilisation is catching on quickly due to the huge yield boosts it brings as well as placing fertiliser where it is needed at depth, not on the surface where it is subject to leaching and runoff.

The 4AG SuperGrubber can penetrate down to 600mm and works very well in the heavy soils of the Pukekohe region.

Product specialists from 4AG will be on-site to give advice to maximize efficiencies in your cultivation and seeding practises.