Rain puts a damper on machinery purchases


Heavy rains across New South Wales have farmers reassessing possible machinery purchases despite their still expressing interest in new equipment. Source: ABC Rural

Machinery dealers have noted that when the rain first came, around May, there were increased enquiries from farmers with crops in the ground.

“The current climatic conditions have slowed a lot of things down,” Tim Slater, from machinery manufacturer Case said. “Everyone has gone into a really conservative phase [and there is] a real wait-and-see what is going to happen in the next month as harvest looms with the current moisture.

“There are real concerns about [whether] that water will get away and whether they will be in a strong position in another month.”

If farmers are looking to open their wallets and purchase machinery, the conditions are playing on their minds on what to buy.

While the wet weather may have those involved in cropping wary, the demand for cattle and sheep meat is providing a fillip to livestock producers.