Nationals’ leader says the Agricultural Visa would help us feed the world

The Leader of the Nationals, David Littleproud said the Agricultural Visa would go a long way to help Australia feed the world, if only the Labor Government would listen to farmers and not their union masters and reversed the decision to scrap it. Mr Littleproud was reacting to reports the Prime Minister will tell the […]

AWU condemns the wool industry push for cheap overseas labour

The Australian Workers’ Union says this week’s wool industry appeal for Pacific Island workers to be used to fill a supposed worker shortfall is just another attempt to undercut pay and conditions using cheap imported labour. The wool industry claims to have identified a workforce shortage of 500 shearers and 500 shed hands and wants […]

AWU says government must reverse decision to divert jobs to short-term visa holders

The Australian Workers’ Union is calling on Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews to reverse a farcical decision that will allow bosses in the dairy, fishing, and meat industries to hire short-term migrants without even having to prove they tried to hire locals first. Ms Andrews department has quietly made a decision to extend industry labour […]

AWU claims Shearing Contractors Association email proves Ag Visa a threat to regional jobs

The Australian Workers’ Union (AWU) has gone on record claiming the Shearing Contractors Assoc has been found out through an email that highlights Ag Visa a threat to regional jobs, especially women’s A recent email from an employer group obtained by the Australian Workers’ Union confirms the union’s fears that the Federal Government’s Ag Visa […]

AWU secures historic minimum wage guarantee for fruit pickers at $25.41 an hour

The Australian Workers’ Union claims it has secured an historic industrial win for one of the most vulnerable and exploited groups of workers in Australia – fruit pickers. The Fair Work Commission has ruled in favour of the AWU after the union sought to amend the Horticulture Award to guarantee every worker on every farm […]