Market Check connects the changing weather to changing grain markets

With a transition from a wet weather La Niña into an El Niño dryer period just what impact it may have on the grain market Is spelt out by Market Check The well telegraphed transition away from La Niña into El Niño has historically had huge implications on Australian grain production, which in turn has […]

Weather impact on grain crop could have been much worst

It’s a case of so near yet so far for some grain growers as weather events across the country have seen some uncertainty descend over what was forecast to be another stellar year for the sector. While grains prices continue to perform strongly in comparison to previous seasons, quality is becoming a big factor for […]

Harvest Ramps Up along with global wheat prices

In this high production season with a global shortage of milling wheat, a balanced strategic approach to the market will help maximise returns according to Richard Perkins from Market Check Harvest is here and wheat prices remain strong both domestically and internationally. But what is the best grain marketing strategy to capitalise on the current […]