Hardi Hellios is an affordable and agile addition

HARDI has released the HELLIOS lightweight self-propelled sprayer for growers and contractors and it is especially designed for use on soft soils, tight headlands and difficult slopes, the 3,000-litre HELLIOS has already proven popular with European growers. Hardi Hellios is an affordable and agile addition A distinctive feature of HELLIOS is its front-mounted aluminium boom, […]

Ease and precision combine in HARDI’s Saritor 62 Sprayer

HARDI’s Saritor Active 62 self-propelled sprayer is an exclusive Australian market release, designed with local conditions in mind. It represents a logical evolution from the Saritor 5500, as it has a larger capacity 6200 litre tank in stainless steel, fixed axles at 3 or 3.5m for improved boom stability and HARDI’s intelligent ActivAir nozzle control […]