Grundfos SQFlex submersible pumps adds solar energy for more sustainable power

The extended range of Grundfos solar submersible pumps provides a reliable water supply for stock and irrigation Grundfos has added the SQFlex Large as an extension of its long-standing SQFlex Solar Powered Submersible Pump Range. In addition to lowering on-farm energy use and carbon emissions, the range offers several benefits over traditional grid-based or diesel-powered […]

Australia’s biggest solar diesel pump for irrigation up and running

You are looking at the biggest solar/diesel pumping system ever put into operation in Australia and it’s also a fully accredited power station on a family farm It’s all about improving farm viability by lowering energy costs as science merges with agriculture to make affordable cleaner and greener electricity. The home to Australia’s newest renewable […]

Franklin reaps the benefit of adding solar drive to pumps

Franklin now distributes one of the most dynamic drive methods available for solar pumping. And many change over customers are thrilled with how it provides a quieter and clean energy method of moving and pumping water. Known as the FHOTON SolarPAK, this system utilises Franklin’s proven solar technology with the latest FHOTON solar drive that […]