It’s time to rethink your duals and fit LSW tyres to reduce soil compaction

Low Sidewall (LSW) technology tyres from Titan have been introduced to combat the effects of soil compaction, especially with controlled traffic farming (CTF) – local growers are already making the switch

Tractors are heavier and more powerful than ever before, and as a result, issues associated with soil compaction are becoming an increasingly common problem.

Despite the obvious issues, many growers continue to run tyres that only worsen the problem – whether by choice or perceived lack of other options.

But there are options and growers have a chance to make soil compaction problem a thing of the past – by gravitating to tyres that float – avoiding those that dig in.

“It’s all about the footprint. Think about it this way — if you walk out into the paddock on ice skates, you’re going to sink right into the mud. With boots, you’re good to go,” says Scott Sloan, agricultural product manager for Titan International and Goodyear Farm Tires.

“I don’t see too many guys walking around the paddock in ice skates, but I do see a lot of guys running narrow duals when they don’t need to. If you’re not running the machine between the rows post-emergence, then there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be running Extreme Flotation tires.”

A recent study revealed that only about 37% of American growers have a need to frequently run between the rows post emergence. These growers are good candidates for running narrow duals on their tractors.

However, an estimated 75% of MFWD tractors still come from the factory with narrow duals. This means a large percentage of growers are running duals when it’s unnecessary. This is why of Low Sidewall (LSW) technology tyres have been introduced.

LSW technology is gaining traction in the local market with a number of LSW tyres already fitted to MFWD tractors and self-propelled sprayers.

In addition to spreading far less pressure over a much wider footprint, and reducing soil compaction, the added stability of LSW tyre technology provides many other benefits to running Extreme Flotation tyres.

LSW technology incorporates a larger wheel diameter and smaller sidewall than a conventional tyre. This decreases the likelihood for sidewall recoil, which drastically improves ride quality and stability, and reduces power hop and road lope.

To learn more about the advantages LSW tyres can bring to your farming operation, contact Titan Australia on 1300 791 672 or email