Grizzly Tiny gets a crumble bar for added efficiency

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Adding to the deep penetrating Tiny range is a crumble bar that offers one of the smoothest finishes available

With the largest range of disc ploughs in the world, Grizzly Engineering continues to add to its specialist disc cultivation range for the Australian market.

The release of the rear crumble roller on the Tiny adds yet another string to its bow. The Tiny is already a versatile disc plough and with its weight it can penetrate some of the toughest country a farmer would ever tackle.

With its unique design and highly adjustable gang angles it is now able leave a smooth finish that hasn’t been seen before in this range.

Local manufacturer Grizzly Engineering, located in Victoria’s North West is offering models right through to the heaviest and most demanding broadacre cultivation requirements being pulled by bulldozers while it is also continuing to develop a range of disc ploughs that cater for small vineyard operations and market gardens.

Grizzly’s specialisation and expertise in this area gives farmers, contractors and dealers a reliable partner moving forward. Established in 1982 Grizzly has built its name and brand to be one of high quality and a company that has proven itself to continue to develop and build models based on feedback from famers and dealers.

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