Midwest offer Big deal on big platforms with no deposit

The 2019 Early Order program is now open at Midwest and it comes with a great bonus offer. With over 20 years experience the family owned and operated Midwest Fabrication is able to offer a well proven range of Durus Draper Platforms that are built for our local conditions. They are packed with all the […]

Tecfarm CT-Series Chaff carts control weeds and feed stock

The dual benefit of summer stock feed and non-chemical weed control makes running a chaff cart the logical choice for mixed farms. Weed seed banks are kept in check and livestock have an on-farm feed source, easily accessed without energy wasted foraging over large areas. Controlled trials and owner experience indicate good protein and nutrition […]

Equalizer air seeder bar and air cart a proven team

The Equalizer Air Seeder bar and Air Cart are a duo that is delivering results beyond expectations in dry than average conditions. And the improved results in the paddock is the most common motive behind why growers and contractors are upgrading their seeding equipment to this badge. The Equalizer range also has the advantage of […]

Grizzly Tiny gets a crumble bar for added efficiency

With the largest range of disc ploughs in the world, Grizzly Engineering continues to add to its specialist disc cultivation range for the Australian market. The release of the rear crumble roller on the Tiny adds yet another string to its bow. The Tiny is already a versatile disc plough and with its weight it […]

Honda Talon 1000R Sports SXS bursts into Oz

It has been confirmed the high-powered break-neck speed Honda Talon 1000R Sports SXS off-road vehicle will be available in Australia from mid-2019. The Talon 1000R is in essence a Sports SXS designed to run at high death-defying speeds over open terrain and is boosted with a host of technical upgrades. You will need to buckle […]

Titan is a one-stop supplier of OTR wheels and tyres

In an Australian marketplace where most tyre lines are being imported and former local makers are moving their operations to more cost-effective overseas locations. There are still some tyre ranges being made in Australia. And one of the people building OTR wheels for Titan Australia is Iain Stillie. Titan is a one-stop supplier of OTR […]

Case IH Patriot owners offered technology upgrade

Growers now have an opportunity to add Case IH. AIM Command FLEX retro-fit kits to any Patriot sprayer manufactured from 2009 to 2016, giving a cost-effective alternative to a new sprayer purchase. When Case IH first introduced AIM Command on Patriot sprayers in 1999, spray technology was elevated at that time to a higher level […]

BKT AGRIMAX tyres fitted to first driverless tractor from Escorts

Escort’s first driverless tractor has been fitted with BKT branded radial AGRIMAX tyres. The Indian based Escorts Agri Machinery Division released their first automated tractor that will become a next-generation digital vehicle for precision farming. Escorts, a worldwide brand best known for its tractors in the Farmtrac and Powertrac ranges – is co-operating with the […]