Titan is a one-stop supplier of OTR wheels and tyres

Titan Australia can manufacture any off-the-road wheel and tyre combination locally to order with qualified staff such as Iain Stillie

In an Australian marketplace where most tyre lines are being imported and former local makers are moving their operations to more cost-effective overseas locations. There are still some tyre ranges being made in Australia. And one of the people building OTR wheels for Titan Australia is Iain Stillie.

Titan is a one-stop supplier of OTR wheels and tyres

Born in Scotland, Iain’s parents migrated to Australia in 1981 when he was just two years old. Iain started his apprenticeship with Titan back in 1997 as a machinist and has now worked for Titan for over 15 years through two tenures.

Since starting with Titan Iain has held the roles of CNC programmer/operator, crack tester and is currently working as one of the quality control managers at Titan’s Yatala Qld facility.

When asked what’s the best thing about working for Titan, Iain answered, “I enjoy the fact that we are still making products in Australia.

Here in Yatala Qld, we have a great team environment in the workshop, and there is always room for career progression.”

As part of the global Titan International Group of companies, Titan Australia offers a wide range of car tyres, wheels, tracks and axles in our local market.

This includes the supply and service of wheels and tyres for agricultural applications as well as industrial, mining, construction, earthmoving, transport, recreational and passenger markets.

Titan Australia has a nationwide network of sales distribution and service hubs including tyre, wheel and undercarriage service centres, wheel manufacturing facilities and a large fleet of off-the-road tyre fitting service trucks.

For more information on agricultural tyres and wheels to order, call Titan Australia on tel: 1300 791 672, or email: sales@titanaustralia.com