UK feels the fall in tractor sales

A fall in the latest tractor sales figures from the Agricultural Engineers Association reflect a tough 12 months for farmers and manufacturers alike in the UK. Source: Farmers Weekly (UK)

Registrations of agricultural tractors bigger than 50hp reached 10,598 units in 2015, a drop of 14.8% on the level of the previous year.

The testing climate has seen most of the big players slim down production, while UK dealers are struggling to shift tractors off forecourts.

While average tractor power continued to increase, with a 1.3% rise to 157.1hp, a fall in sales of 3.1%, to 558 units, in December was the lowest for more than a decade.

Weak global demand hit Deere particularly hard, as its worldwide net sales fell by one-fifth in 2015 and profit levels tumbled by nearly half.

Companies including Claas and John Deere are forecasting a further decline in the global market for new machines during 2016.