Vin Rowe reaches Aussie icon status

Greatness was thrust upon Graham Rowe in 1983 when his father Vin Rowe who had been running a successful operation since 1961, succumb to health issues and could no longer continue

Commencing as a single franchised New Holland dealer in 1961 the diversity experienced by Vin Rowe Farm Machinery based in Warragul Vic has been interesting and on occasions even profitable.

Founding owner Vin Rowe realised that the company could no longer rely on a single industry (milking) to survive in an increasing changing world.

With milk contracts disappearing, and milk prices fluctuating wildly along with the demise of many farmers Vin knew that unless other opportunities were explored his company’s existence would be seriously threatened.

From the Vin Rowe stable are the top selling Art’s-Way Hammer and Roller Mill Feed Mixers offered in 2.5 and 4 tonnes capacities.

Vin chose to become a specialist to the vegetable growing industry and today the company ranks as one of the major equipment suppliers to vegetable growers around Australia.

But the current fortunes of the company had to first survive a bumpy road.

Unfortunately, in June 1983 Vin suffered a major health issue and was never to work again. This was at a disaster stage for the company’s viability as it saw Vin’s very inexperienced oldest son Graham plunged in to a position where he had to take over and run the business.

But, from this precarious platform the reputation of the Vin Rowe company as a reliable supplier continued to grow and to this day almost 40 years since the head of operations change-over, Graham Rowe has continued to keep the company operating and profitable.

Vin Rowe offer a complete range of BCS/Pasquali walking tractors (walk behind rotary hoes) and matching implements. Number one in Australia and worldwide

And to show how important it is to take opportunities as they arise, in the early 1980’s the company was fortunate to be involved in the introduction of round bale wrapping to both the Australian market and the subsequent introduction to the world market.

Graham says that as well as being very good for business it highlighted to him there were many farmers around Australia looking for innovative products to enhance their farming enterprises.

The company became the major supplier of unique and time saving models from both local manufacturers and also from around the world – supplying innovated models became the realisation path the company has embarked on, through a network of reliable dealers.

The Vin Rowe company has seen many products come and go but currently take pride in being able to offer the farm machinery industry several unique models that enjoy an excellent reputation for build and value while being time saving for farmers.

Foremost in the current Vin Rowe Farm Machinery product offering are:

Art’s-Way Hammer and Roller Mill Feed Mixers – from North America in 2.5 and 4 tonnes capacities. Market leader in the Australian market.

Einboeck Soil Preparation and Restoration Equipment – used extensively world-wide in organic farming and imported from Austria.

Zowell Material Handling Equipment – consists of all electric machines from 1.5 tonnes pallet forks to a complete range of stackers and forklifts. German technology manufactured in PRC.

BCS/Pasquali – A complete range of walking tractors (walk behind rotary hoes) and matching implements from Italy. No. 1 in the world and No. 1 in Australia.

Valentini Rotary Hoes, Power Harrows and Stone Crushers –  World’s No. 1 in large heavy duty folding rotary hoes to 12 metres and power harrows to 9 metres also imported from Italy.

Tierre Mulchers and Shredders – from Italy and available in varying models up to a 6 metre working width. Specialist farming, commercial and sporting ground models.

For further information on the complete product range, don’t hesitate to contact Graham Rowe at Vin Rowe Farm Machinery, 3 Endeavour Street Warragul Vic on tel: 03 5623 1362 or 0418 177 045 or email on


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