Bourgault Series 3420 Paralink Hoe Drill is a big deal

Since its launch in Canada, there has been lots of hype about how Bourgault’s massive new drill was capable of transforming to only 5.6m (18.2-ft) wide and 5m (16.6-ft) high for transport. Equally impressive is the drill’s ability to manage transport turns with relative ease using its unique steering system. The company has two models […]

IB release a range of crates and bins you have always wanted

If you want to stock what your customers will love, see this quality plastic storage range that is hard to find. Your customers will smile about IB Pallets’ range of crates and bins. The largest most competitive range of high quality, high durability storage crates in the country. Bins for feed, rugs, recycling,storage, waste and […]