Ag shows will put their additional $25M COVID-19 lifeline towards saving future events

Agricultural and royal show societies have received much needed funding of $25 as they recover from the cost of COVID-19, ensuring they can continue into 2022 and beyond

Popular local events such as the Tanunda Show is entitled to make a claim in Round 2 of the Supporting Agricultural Shows and Field Days Program

Colloquially known as ‘ag shows’, these long-running events in country towns and cities across the country are staples in the annual community calendar.

These iconic events provide community connections and wellbeing as well as encouraging agricultural education through competitions and benchmarking of agricultural produce. 

There are 580 ag shows held each year providing a significant contribution of over $1 billion to local economies. Around 6 million people attend an ag show each year.

“The financial support announced by the Australian Government will enable ag shows to plan and implement shows in 2022 and beyond. The funding will give local communities, show societies and stakeholders the confidence to proceed with their shows for 2022,” Agricultural Shows  Australia Chair Dr Rob Wilson said. 

“This announcement recognises the important role agricultural shows play in regional communities and the financial impact COVID has had.”

“We have seen hundreds upon hundreds of shows cancelled  in 2020 and 2021 at great cost to communities, agricultural exhibitors and the 50,000 volunteers who underpin show societies.”

“Ag shows are a most effective event for educating the public about agriculture and food production, bridging the city-country divide and have been an integral fixture in rural communities for over a century, with some agricultural show societies approaching their 200th year.” 

This is part of Round 2 of the Supporting Agricultural Shows and Field Days Program and includes $4m for the Supporting Showmen and Women Program, helping those who bring the fun and festivities to our show and have been particularly hard hit. 

“The funding announcement specifically includes support for showmen and women; the people who bring colour, fun and excitement to shows for kids and adults alike via show food, show bags, show rides and entertainment.

“The cash flow pressures facing those businesses and families cannot be overstated. They are necessary for our shows. That funding for the showmen and women will help them get back on their feet for 2022,” Dr Wilson explained.

Agricultural Shows Australia encourages local shows, their committees and showmen and women to prioritise their grant applications before the deadline.

Agricultural Shows are anticipating some final relief from Round 2 of the Supporting Agricultural Shows and Field Days Program. Details will appear here first on the link.