AGCO Agriculture Foundation grants help small farms gain certifications

AGCO’s foundation has announced its 2020 AAF Award goes to the Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) along with a grant of $50,000
The AAF is providing funds to help small farms in North America obtain animal welfare certifications and build local networks

The AGCO Agriculture Foundation (AAF) is helping small-scale North American farmers to strengthen animal welfare practices and earn certifications for their production processes. And many local producers are hoping the award will soon be extended to Australia.

G.A.P. is one of the largest animal welfare standards and labelling organisations in North America, and its multi-level standards impact the welfare of over 416 million farm animals on more than 3,900 farms, taking into consideration each animal’s health and productivity, natural living environment and emotional well-being.

While many small-scale producers are actively adopting and implementing humane practices, logistical issues and costs can serve as a barrier to entering a certification program. To help farmers achieve the certifications necessary, the project will leverage G.A.P.’s existing model and program specifically designed for the small-scale producer.

“We are proud to present the 2020 AAF Award to G.A.P. and believe this project is a natural fit for AGCO and the AAF, as we are committed to ensuring animal well-being while producers meet the growing demand for protein around the world,” said Metti Richenhagen, Director, AGCO Agriculture Foundation.

“G.A.P.’s expertise in animal welfare and food systems, strengthened by our alignment with AGCO’s sustainability commitments, will help farmers in North America enhance their animal welfare practices while improving their profitability.”

The project will create a self-sustaining peer network for producers at G.A.P. project sites and a cost-effective audit model for small-scale production. The team will also initiate supplier-based support for animal welfare and production skills and create a supply chain that supports local communities.

“With G.A.P.’s extensive partner base and network, we are now poised to help small-scale producers overcome the barriers around animal welfare,” said Anne Malleau, Executive Director of G.A.P.

“The pandemic has highlighted the interest and demand for local or regional food systems that small-scale producers could engage in. Through this partnership, we want to expand our commitment to continuously improve and drive meaningful change in animal welfare for farm animals.”

The AGCO Agriculture Foundation (AAF) was created by AGCO in 2018 and is aimed at backing impactful programs that support food security, foster sustainable agricultural development and build needed agricultural infrastructure in marginalised farming communities.